How to host an Insta-Worthy Housewarming Party

Are you looking for your dream home? Real estate agents such as Jordan & Halstead are familiar with first-time homeowners. They appreciate that prospective homeowners might need guidance to adjust their requirements to their budget. Your dream home may be too expensive for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a cosy and cute house that gets you on the property ladder.

Your first home calls for a celebration. However, as people are still cautious about home visits and large parties, you might want to be creative about your housewarming party. One word for you: Instagram. Indeed, you can throw an Insta-worthy party that will keep everyone excited. 

Drinks that will steal the show

Instagram house warming

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Nothing says party like a cool drink. If you are familiar with cocktail recipes, you can surprise your guests with unique drinks. A chilled iced Vovo cocktail is a bright pink, raspberry-flavoured cocktail served with whipped cream and vovo biscuits. 

 The grown-up version contains Malibu and Chambord liqueur, but you can make it alcohol-free with raspberry lemonade and coconut water instead. An exciting drink will set the mood instantly. Not a confident cocktail artist? You can keep things classy and simple with liquid diamond prosecco wine. Capture the light as it hits the glass for an unforgettable shot. 

Get the lighting right

Talking about light, you can share early and late pictures of the party, taken with a sunset lamp. Sunset lamps ultimately mimic the warm light you get at sunrise and sunset. They can create stunning photos that will highlight unique features in your new home. It’s a great gadget for a wall shot inside your entryway or your lounge, especially if you can ask your guests to pose for the camera. 

Set the scene

Instagram house warming

You are unlikely to receive a lot of guests. So, you can stage your rooms for photos without affecting the party. An Instagram housewarming shot will highlight your colour palette or special decorative features. For instance, if someone gave you a houseplant as a housewarming present, you can subtly create a cosy mood in the shot to showcase your present inside its new decor. 

Another great idea when it comes to staging is to focus your attention on only a few rooms. Your living room, bedroom, and bathroom are the main areas guests are likely to see. You don’t need to create an Insta-worthy decor throughout your home. 


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