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H&N Magazine Group was started 16 years ago by husband and wife team, Angela and Dave Riches, as a vehicle to get the word out about Dave’s new business. Initially there was to be only one edition, however, this one edition did its job so well for every business advertising within its pages, that demand from these and other businesses wanting to advertise, increased the pressure to produce another one. Then another one and out of nowhere, a publishing business was born.

At the time, Angela was still working as Director of Sales and Marketing for Marriott International and Dave’s new business was still in its infancy, within 6 months they realised they could no longer do everything, so they sat down and drew up a list of pros and cons and then threw it away and just decided to go for it!

They knew nothing about journalism or the publishing industry, but they had the perfect skill set between them to give it their best shot. The huge leap of faith was taken and Here & Now Magazine Group was born.

Initially for Leeds and West Yorkshire, soon magazines for other areas were developed, some online such as Manchester and London and others in print throughout West, North and East Yorkshire. Distribution was carefully worked out to bring maximum return on investment for any advertiser; Sainsbury’s, Nuffield Health Clubs, Private Hospitals, Hotels, Costa Coffee Outlets, Railway Stations and Salons were key partners and they were also delivered through the letterbox of all new build houses.

Here & Now morphed into H&N and through successful social media platforms, a proactive website and the high quality content of luxury magazines, Angela and Dave built an enviable reputation for reliability and trust which helped them survive two recessions…..and then along came Covid!

Now that was a complete game changer. No longer could printed publications be made available anywhere they could be handled by multiple people and neither could they be put through people letterboxes into their homes. It was time for quick thinking and bringing into play a plan to run H&N Magazines completely digitally, through a new subscription website and social media platforms. A weekly newsletter is now emailed out to the 45,000 (GDPR compliant) email database they have built over the years, providing businesses with a more targeted and cost-effective route to market.

Like the phoenix out of the ashes, a solid new concept emerged and eventually it was back to business and doing what they do best, bringing businesses to the attention of their target market and providing great content to their followers.

A new era has begun.

Our team

Angela Riches

Editor in Chief and Co-founder

Angela has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience with many spent in the hospitality industry before entering the world of publishing. Having run H&N Magazine Group for the last 20 years with husband Dave, Angela manages relationships with their customers, sponsors and partners, co-ordinates the team and the social media platforms. Additionally, Angela looks after all advertising requirements and sales. In her spare time, she loves to travel and hiking up mountains with Dave!

Tel: 07738 472320

Dave Riches

IT Guru and Co-founder

Dave has over 25 years of IT experience and looks after all the techy background systems and online platforms. He also looks after all the boring stuff at the back end of the website and online platforms ensuring all posts meet SEO heights, ensuring maximum ROI. In his spare time Dave plays golf and loves a good hike up a mountain along with Angela.

Tel: 07738 472320

Tom Sheard

Restaurant Reviews, Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Journalist and Influencer

Tom is a Yorkshire based lifestyle and media content creator, he takes people on a journey through his photography, filmmaking, blogs and features. Having built an online following of more than 100,000 people across various channels, Tom has worked with and created content for some of the world’s biggest brands. He also uses his many talents to write for Team H&N, telling about his experiences in words and captivating images.

Tel: 07738 472320

Luke Williams

Restaurant Reviews, Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Journalist and Influencer

Luke, aka ‘Stanley Dru’ is a rising star in the world of fashion influencers, he has several interests and passions which he has used to his advantage to build a credible business and enviable social profile.

With a passion for fashion, travel and photography, Luke brings his creativity and boundless energy to Team H&N, and if that wasn’t enough, he has started his own candle company; Stanley Candle and house plants business; Sons of Seeds!

He also finds time to write for us in his own unique style.

Tel: 07738 472320

Theo Mayne

Theo Mayne

TV Personality. Theatre and The Arts. Lifestyle and Travel Writer and Content Creator

I have been a part of the smash hit reality show ‘The Traitors which has/still is taking the UK and the USA by storm. The show has had over 100million views and rising, and is currently the highest watched reality TV show and BAFTA award-winning.

I had a massive storyline within the show around being gay and acceptance within a modern world and continue to have lot of people supporting me. It’s my passion to showcase that brands and businesses are supportive of the multicultural and LGBQT+ community.

I have also been on other TV shows and commercials . I have been a guest on BBC Morning Live, Virgin Radio, Saving Grace Podcast, It’s Good to Talk Podcast, C4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch and the Celebrity Christmas special of Blankety Blank to name a few.


Tel: 07738 472320

Rachel McAlley

Food and Drink, UK Travel, Beauty, Skincare and Haircare, Gadgets, Kids Stuff

Rachel has been writing lifestyle and travel features for over 15 years alongside running her Marketing and PR Agency, Rachel McAlley Marketing.

When she isn’t writing features for H&N Magazine, she can be found working from her garden office, with her pet potbellied pig, Minnie by her side. She also has three cats, 20 hens, one daughter and one fiancé!

Prior to running her own marketing agency Rachel owned a DJ agency, and worked in radio for 10 years.

Mobile: 07963 577034

Claire Kenny


Originally from Leeds, Claire Kenny is a writer living in West Yorkshire. 

Her blog My 40 Plus Life aims to spread a positive but relatable message about the joy that can be found in midlife, as well as sharing some of her personal challenges to get people talking more openly about topics such as loneliness, self-confidence and the highs and lows of social media. 

Claire is a proud Mum to her daughter, and they share their home with their rescue greyhound Ozzy. 

When she isn’t writing, Claire enjoys running (badly). She also loves finding beautiful places to holiday in her beloved Yorkshire, freely admitting that she ‘can’t really be bothered’ to wander further afield after travelling extensively in her twenties!

Tel: 07738 472320

Emmie Blower

Restaurant Reviews, Travel, Glow Up Treatments and Lifestyle

Restaurant Reviews, Travel, Glow Up Treatments and Lifestyle

Emmie is a social media entrepreneur, living her best life in London.  She runs her own social media marketing business helping other entrepreneurs become successful.  Her blog @emmiebhungry gives honest restaurant reviews from a full time foodie.  You will also find delicious, easy to follow recipes.

As well as food, Emmie loves a hotel stay and exploring new places.  

Fighting the aging process one treatment at a time you will also get candid before and afters of the latest in aesthetic treatments and glow up beauty trends.

If you love having a good time and looking good whilst doing it her content could be for you. She enjoys cocktails, amazing food, discovering hidden gems and loves a glow up treatment!

Tel: 07738 472320

Victoria Reddington

Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Writer and Content Creator

With over 15 years’ experience working on some of the biggest fashion and lifestyle brands from names such as Burberry right through to BooHoo, Victoria is passionate about creating amazing content. Victoria runs Sociability Group – a Content Creation and Influencer Management Agency which represents some of the UK’s biggest influencers and brands.

Victoria was previously a high profile fashion designer and ran her own fashion label where she showcased at New York Fashion Week. You’ll still often find her backstage at a fashion show, either covering the action on behalf of H&N Magazine, or organising her own shows for charity. 

Victoria believes that a rising tide lifts all boats and loves nothing more than empowering and up-skilling others in the industry through being a mentor at Model Foundry Collective and via guest lecturing at local universities.

In her spare time, you’ll find her drinking bougee cocktails or enjoying live music! A big foodie and a lover of experiences, Victoria loves travelling around the UK and abroad with her husband and two young sons – always creating content wherever she goes!

Tel: 07738 472320

Natasha Davies

aka ‘Tilly’ is a lifestyle content creator

Natasha, aka ‘Tilly’ is a lifestyle content creator working with some of the world’s most recognised brands, with a passion for music, travel, theatre, dining out and looking for the latest wellness trends following her endometriosis diagnosis.

When she isn’t representing team H&N, Natasha is marketing restaurants and has won multiple awards including ‘Hospitality Professional of the Year’, ‘Young Marketing and Media Professional’ and has been recognised in the Northern Power Women Future List.


Mobile: 07738 472320

Deana Morgan

Deana Morgan

Theatre and The Arts, Travel and Lifestyle Writer

Originally from Barnsley in South Yorkshire Deana left her hometown to pursue a professional career in dance. Moving to Miami in 1982 to start rehearsals for many contracts for the cruise industry.

Deana lived and worked in London’s West End but eventually came home to Yorkshire to work at the prestigious Alhambra Theatre, initially as a dancer in pantomime but eventually as Customer Services Manager. Having run her own successful and very busy dance and performing arts academy in Bradford for 18 years, Deana decided to pass on the reins to enable her to focus on family, travel and dance in a much more leisurely way. She is thrilled to now have more time to enjoy her passion for theatre, literature (including writing for H&N!), cooking, gardening and having the occasional day at a luxury spa!

Tel: 07738 472320

Zoe Laing


Foodie and hotel enthusiast Zoe is a born and bred Londoner who loves to share everything about her discoveries both in London and beyond. She created her Instagram page @zozogram­_eats four years ago and has seen it open the door to lots of exciting opportunities including coming on board and writing for H&N Magazine.

Zoe runs her page as well as working in the accounts department for a well-known, independent property company in the plush postcode of Notting Hill. When she isn’t busy with writing up reviews and creating content, she likes to kick back with friends and family, watch very bad reality tv shows, go on a cheeky hotel stay and shop on ASOS, all whilst holding a glass of bubbles in her hand!  

Tel: 07738 472320

Amelia Wheatcroft-Brown​


Amelia is a Yorkshire based fashion, travel and lifestyle content creator with a penchant for cruelty free and sustainable living. Two of Amelia’s favourite hobbies are reading and writing, and she is currently on a ‘one book a week’ challenge.

With just under 25k combined followers on social channels, Amelia has worked with some of the biggest household names and has recently started a home account on Instagram to document the DIY renovations of her Leeds’ Victorian terrace.

Amelia uses her past blogging experience to write fun and informative articles for Team H&N.

Tel: 07738 472320

Maria Davidson

Born and raised in the North East, Travel Writer and Blogger Maria loves to showcase the best places to eat, stay and visit in the North East and beyond

On her Instagram account @girlabout_thenortheast, she is keen to promote The North East with both locals and tourists to the area.   

A big part of Maria’s wellbeing is reconnecting with nature and she is especially fond of a glamping trip or cabin stay  .She loves adventuring with her two teens and you’ll usually find her either in a forest or by the sea.

A teacher by day, when she isn’t educating primary aged pupils, she’s living her lifelong dream of writing and blogging about her travels and regularly writes for @girlabouttravel and H&N magazine. As well as writing, Maria has a passion for photography and loves to capture those special moments and memories.

 To relax, she loves spending time with family and good friends,eating good food, enjoying long walks and a night or two away.  She has a passion for gardening and loves to grow flowers, fruit and herbs.  She’s as much at home knee deep in mud as she is dressed up to enjoy a good night out

Tel: 07738 472320

Sally Bendall

Travel blogger, all things vegan, UK Breaks, green travel options, dog friendly, parenting teens

When she’s not working as a software test engineer, Sally, our Girl About Leeds, is a content creator and blogger for Girlabouttravel.co.uk, and a feature writer for H&N Magazine. A lifelong Leeds lass, Sally likes to share what’s new with the good people of Leeds on her Instagram account @girlaboutleeds, and she is keen to promote Leeds as a first-rate destination for a UK city break. 

If you’ve got vegan options, Sally is your woman. Or got great green credentials? Brilliant! Maybe dog-friendly? Perfect! Adrenaline fuelled activities? Yes!

Sally’s readers are mostly women in their 30’s and older, who love an adventure when they travel, with family, friends or solo.  They’re very engaged and value making memories and getting under the skin of their chosen destination. 

Oh, and they probably like a really nice gin and tonic too!


Tel: 07738 472320

Sarah Cox

Professional Dinner Party and Home Cook and Food Writer

Coxy’s Kitchen was created by Leeds based professional dinner party and home cook Sarah Cox and provides a private dining cooking service throughout Yorkshire. The service includes an initial consultation to discuss your dinner party ideas, menu suggestions and budget. Once agreed, Coxy’s Kitchen takes care of the rest, from sourcing the ingredients, food prep and of course cooking your delicious meal in your own home.

Coxy’s Kitchen also offers a home-cooking service for busy families and individuals. Sarah writes great time saving recipes for H&N, making the most of leftovers and creating delicious dishes we share with you.

Tel: 07738 472320