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Business Finance

Business 101: How to Manage Your Startup’s Finances

Feature Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/calculator-calculation-insurance-1680905/ In the early phases of starting a business, the last thing any first-time entrepreneur wants to think about is the details of the company’s finances. However, if you don’t give financial planning the attention that it deserves, you’ll risk running into money problems later on and struggle

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Finding Out if Locum Tenens is Right for You

Feature image: https://pixabay.com/photos/doctor-blood-life-veins-pain-2346235/ For those with the willpower and fortitude to make it as a physician and stake their claim in the health sector, there are plenty of opportunities to experience breakout success. That said, there is something oddly static about a physician’s career, especially for those that will end

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Art Investments

Emerging Art Investment: Avoiding the Scam

Art collecting has much to do with passion, as you will find that some of the most avid collectors will happily spend exorbitant amounts for a one-of-a-kind piece. Others still will look into the best ways to purchase emerging art, as they try their best to invest not only in

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Online business

An online business allows for a wealth of opportunities

The information and internet revolution and smartphones have created a reality where many people start businesses in different fields, but run and operate them through the internet and work from home. But while from every direction you can see advertisements and testimonies about the ease of starting an online business

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crazy golf

Explaining the mini-golf craze sweeping the world

Introduction Miniature golf is also known as mini-putt, minigolf, or crazy golf. It is an activity that stems from the sport golf. The sport has been growing in popularity over the years. People enjoy it for various reasons that have led to its craze across the world. It is cheaper

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Business software


Feature Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels Running a small business can be a hectic affair. Often, start-ups don’t have the money to hire many employees, so one person typically plays multiple roles. It is not uncommon to find an accountant who doubles up as a receptionist or a CEO who heads the

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