Complete Outdoor Entertaining Spaces with a Rug

Step Up Outdoor Entertaining Spaces with a Rug

Gardens are set to play a central role in our social lives this spring – and sales of outdoor rugs are already soaring as homeowners look to create cosy outdoor entertaining spaces (also inspired by Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry – all set on a subtle outdoor rug).

A design trend that’s been gaining momentum for the past few years, outdoor rugs add a layer of comfort, colour and texture to an outdoor space – providing a design-led finish touch to any garden or outdoor area.

Daniel Prendergast, design director at, explains why homely finishing touches are set to be at the heart of garden design schemes in 2021.

“We’ve seen demand for outdoor rugs grow and grow over the past few years and as this trend has intensified, so too has demand for a greater variety of colours, patterns, textures and finishes.

“With limits on indoor socialising over the last 12 months, our gardens have become even more integral to our social lives and as such people want to show off their design flair in their outdoor space, as well as make their garden as cosy, homely and inviting as possible.

“Bold patterns and prints, bright colours and statement geometrics will be as popular as ever this year – ideal for zoning outdoor entertaining areas and adding additional layers of colour and pattern to an existing space. For anyone who isn’t very green fingered or has a low maintenance garden then adding a rug is the perfect way to increase the splashes of colour and texture outdoors.”

Tropical prints and patterns are an ever-popular trend

NEW FOR 2021 Miami Indoor Outdoor Botanical Leaf Rug in Light Beige Green & Miami Indoor Outdoor Botanical Leaf Rug in Green Light Beige – both priced from £79.99

Tropicana Indoor Outdoor rug & Tropicana Indoor Outdoor Rug – both priced from £46, Aloha Indoor Outdoor Rug in Blue from £70

Laid back boho chic

“The laidback, boho Ibiza vibe is also extremely popular as people look to create a natural retreat with paired back colours, faded patterns and nods to natural textures. And it’s not just rectangular rugs that work outside. Circular rugs are ideal for smaller areas, whilst runners can link two spaces together or complement a narrow area.”

NEW FOR 2021 Miami 19517 Indoor Outdoor Traditional Rug in Ivory Black from £79.99; Lipari Stripe Natural Outdoor Indoor Flatweave Rug £183; NEW FOR 2021 Stitch 9682 Indoor Outdoor Rug in Grey Black from £74.99; Brighton Indoor Outdoor Flatweave Rugs in 98008 3051 Light Grey from £34.99

Cozumel Indoor Outdoor Rug in Cream Grey from £69.99

Geometrics and stripes

Florence Alfresco Trieste Rugs in Yellow from £45; NEW FOR 2021 Santa Monica Indoor Outdoor Stripe Rug in Blue Light Beige from £69.99

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You’ve chosen your outdoor rug and styled your space, but how do you care for it?

Daniel shares his maintenance advice: “Advances in the materials used and construction of outdoor rugs means they’re very long-lasting and can easily withstand whatever the Great British weather throws at them. But they will need to be properly cared for to stop a build-up of mud and mildew to extend their life.

“Often outdoor rugs are manufactured from weatherproof material, some being completely waterproof. Polypropylene is a popular manmade fibre that’s often used for outdoor products because it’s affordable, durable and easy to clean.   A lot of natural materials such as jute and hemp can also be used outdoors and are brilliant for adding texture but they’re slightly less durable than their manmade counterparts.

It’s still advisable to store any outdoor soft furnishings inside though, or in a waterproof container, when not in use.

You should always consult the care instructions and find out what the rug is made from before attempting to clean it. If the care instructions say the rug can be washed, then use a mixture of washing up liquid and warm water to gently rub away dirt and stains using a sponge or soft cloth. Gently hose off the rug and hang it out to dry afterwards.

Mud is easier to remove when it’s dry, simply shake or brush off. Outdoor rugs can also be vacuumed but ensure they’re dry and be sure to shake off the worst of the dirt first.”

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