Eindhoven: one of the unexpected highlights of the Netherlands

When Brittons think about traveling to the Netherlands they associate it with Amsterdam, tulips, and canals. But the country has to offer way more than that. A perfect example of this is the city of Eindhoven. Located in the southern part of the Netherlands, just 30 minutes by car from Belgium, you can find the city dubbed ‘Light City’ by the locals. Eindhoven is the city of light. Philips, a large lightbulb manufacturer turned conglomerate, originates from the city. You could even argue that Philips founded the city of Eindhoven, before that it was a mere village.

What makes Eindhoven worth it

After immense growth of the city thanks to Philips, it is now home to many high-tech companies. Most notably ASML, a semiconductor manufacturing company that has a strong position in the semiconductor supply chain. This attracts a diverse group of international people to the city resulting in lots of nice restaurants, coffee bars, and pubs to visit. The international dynamics make it feel like home for people from all backgrounds.

Visit Philipsdorp

Visit Eindhoven

Philips is known to take care of its employees. This is still visible when visiting ‘Philipsdorp’ (translated: Philips village). Just outside the city center, you will find a whole neighborhood consisting of the same houses. These are all built by Philips for their factory workers and have recently been renovated. Although the factories are gone, you can still feel the history of the city when you walk through the area.

How to travel to Eindhoven?

You can travel by plane to the airport of Eindhoven. Once you arrive, you can choose for car rental companies like car rental Holland. Many companies offer car rentals in Eindhoven including valet rental. This means that you order a rental car online and when you walk outside of the terminal, the car will be waiting for you. Simply do a quick check with a representative from bbl carrental and you can kickstart your trip. Fees are relatively low in Eindhoven compared to other cities in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Other options

Visit Eindhoven

Public transport is another good option when you arrive in Eindhoven. There are direct busses to the city center that will get you there within 30 minutes. However, it does not bring you the flexibility of car rental in Holland. If you want to travel to more remote areas, it makes sense to choose to rent a car in Eindhoven. This option is affordable and does not come with a hefty price tag when compared to public transport. Public transport in the Netherlands is quite expensive, making cars a solid option to start your holiday in the country. This especially holds if you want to visit other parts of the country as well. From Eindhoven, it is also convenient to travel to Belgium and Germany as it is very close.

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