Which Van is Best for Your Campervan Conversion

When choosing the most suitable van for campervan conversion, your needs determine the best option. For instance, if you plan on living in your campervan full-time, a printer would be perfect.

However, if you want a reliable option for road trips and short holidays, a VW transporter is great. You should consider how much storage space you’ll need and the number of people planning to use the van among other factors. This enables you to pick the right van for your campervan conversion. Here are some of the best van options that you can consider.

1. VW Transporter

A VW transporter is a stylish option that offers you the best of both worlds. According to Johnny Fieldhouse a bespoke van conversion expert from Escape Campers says that VW transporters are popular because of their durability. Their sleek design and wide range of vans make them a top pick. The Volkswagen Transporter is a perfect choice if you’re considering small vans because they can be too cramped for full-time living. Such a small-size van would make the perfect choice for spontaneous excursions or road trips. Some of them come with a pop-top roof but you can also have it included in your conversion. You can opt for the retro model or new model such as the VW T5 and VW T6. The VW transporter is a wise choice for a DIY campervan for your weekend escapes.

2. Mercedes Sprinter

If you want a large living space, a Mercedes Sprinter is the perfect choice. It’s ideal for full-time van lifers because you get extra space for a perfect-sized kitchen and living area. You can also get enough space to store bikes and install a double bed. You should consider the price of the van and the conversion cost when buying a campervan. There are different reasons people move houses but with a Mercedes Sprinter, you can easily create a comfortable home on wheels. With reliable campervan converter, you can have a personalised space that suits your needs. Maintenance is a crucial part because you also need to consider the cost of the repair parts. It’s a popular choice for anyone looking for a large van for a campervan conversion. The long wheelbase and high roof make it an ideal choice for your van conversion.

3. Fiat Ducato

Another great option for a large van is the Fiat Ducato. It’s smaller than the Mercedes Benz Sprinter but it has a wider body thus giving it enough space. It’s the best van for someone who wants a full-time van life. Its versatility and durability make it a perfect choice for camper conversion. With the Fiat Ducato, you get extra load area and more interior space. It also guarantees you more room if you want to sleep across the van. Small and medium size vans might not give you much space to store your things but this type of van is comfortable and spacious. This means you can have a fixed bed and maybe some additional storage underneath. When choosing the type of customisation you want, you should also consider things like insulation. For instance, if you opt for a van that has more windows, keeping it warm during winter will be challenging. You can also install solar panels to make it more eco-friendly or air conditioning

4. Vauxhall Vivaro

Another type of van that you can consider for a camper conversion is the Vauxhall Vivaro. It’s a medium-sized van that’s perfect especially if you don’t feel comfortable driving a large van. It’s quite economical to maintain and easy to drive. The diesel engine is durable and ensures that the vehicle functions effectively. You also get enough space to personalise your van conversion. There are several house interior ideas that you can implement in your campervan conversation. You can opt to buy a used van or convert a new van depending on the price tag and your budget. Apart from considering the cost of the van, you should also look into the service history. With the right campervan converters, you can have them build quality installations. This information will make it easier for you to decide the best van for campervan conversion.  

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