5 New Build House Interior Ideas

Constructing a home or work environment from scratch is one of the toughest things to do. The exhaustion that comes from not knowing which piece of furniture to buy to not knowing how and where to place them is second to none.

However, a new build space is your best bet if you intend to have a custom-designed home or working environment. For one, you can make your choices from the start and not just make a few adjustments here and there like you would in a renovation of an old house. Depending on your design preference, we’ve compiled five classic new-build house interior ideas below:

1. Make Simple Demarcations for your new build

house interior ideas

Every appealing interior design you see starts with accurate space demarcation. According to house builders at https://proficiencybespoke.co.uk you need to ascertain the space to arrive at your dream state-of-the-art interior design. If it’s an open space, you might want to create separations for different rooms and areas of the house. The next thing is to decide what type of materials you prefer. You can go with beautifully crafted boards, a moving wall, or room dividers. Whichever one gives you your desired effect, remember that it is important to divide up your space in a way that gives room for easy movement and provides privacy and aesthetics.

2. Introduce Artworks

house interior ideas

Nothing sets the mood of a space like a well-designed artwork. Depending on the mood you are going for, choose a painting, a sculpture, or craftwork from which you can build the mood of your space. A beautiful large painting of a bright blue sky against a cream-coloured wall, with cream-coloured sofas and blue throw pillows in front of light blue and grey curtains, sets a very calm and relaxed mood. Whereas a large painting of the setting sun against a cream-coloured wall, with orange-coloured sofas and cream-coloured throw pillows in front of grey curtains, sets off a more serious mood. It all depends on what the space will be used for and what you want to feel being in the space. Moreover, incorporating artworks is a fantastic and subtle way to refresh and bring about renovation without engaging in a full-scale remodelling project.

3. What’s On Your Floors?

house interior ideas

The flooring is another exciting feature of a house. The flooring of a house adds to its beauty and mood. So ditch the dull floors and go for something with a little bit of art. If you’re considering a loft-style space, the flooring becomes even more critical as it seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic. Take your space to a new level with a beautifully designed rug, floor paintings, or marble. You can also opt for a wooden floor finish, but remember that whatever flooring you choose will significantly affect the mood and colour scheme you’re going for. Additionally, ensure that your chosen flooring comes with a good warranty, ensuring its longevity and durability.

4. Don’t Have a Boring Ceiling

house interior ideas

Whatever you see when you look up should give you satisfaction. That is why your ceiling décor is essential. Consider carving beautiful designs on your ceiling. An architect can help you fix that. Your ceiling can be painted too with beautiful patterns following the carved designs. A chandelier or hanging light is another décor that should interest you. The size and height of your chandelier or hanging light depends on how high the ceiling is and how large the space is. If you’re incorporating a loft design, ensure that the ceiling complements the open and airy feel of the loft. You would want to pick the right size to fit perfectly and give your desired effect.

5. Plan For Storage

Your storage space is another factor to consider. A built-in wall cabinet does the trick when you intend to conserve as much space as possible. However, this can only be achieved when it is factored in before building the house. Discuss this with your architect before construction commences. Ensure that any built-in solutions come with a warranty to guarantee their quality and longevity. You can decorate these cabinets with lights for more aesthetic value and functionality. The space under the stairs can also be used as storage, especially for a house that is not so spacious. Construct cabinets under the stairs and store away those things you wouldn’t want lying around the house.

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