Are These The Top 10 Reasons People Move House

There are many reasons why someone might move home, and there are many times in someone life that they may decide to make one of those moves. Whether it’s for a job or to climb the property ladder, we’re going to have a look at some of the top reasons below. 

Moving House
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Moving house can sometimes be stressful, costly, and time consuming, so you may question why so many people decide to start looking for the right house for sale. Let’s have a look: 

The Need for More Space 

Moving House

It’s very common for first-time buyers to enter to market by purchasing a home that is much smaller than they will need in the future. It is not very common for a first-time buyer to purchase a home that meets all of their needs straight away, instead, they start off small and climb the property ladder. This is usually referred to as a starter home and ultimately, they aim to move into a forever home at some point. Usually, when people are starting a family, they will look to purchase a bigger property. 

The Need for Less Space 

Of course, there isn’t always the need for bigger houses, sometimes, people need to downsize their home. This is very common when older children have moved out, leaving no need for all the extra space. Moving to a smaller home can help to reduce mortgage costs, energy costs, and cut back on wasted areas in the home. 

To Upgrade 

It can be hard to decide whether you should improve the home you are living in or move. However, when there are more upgrades than you can handle, moving can be easier than trying to complete them all, especially when it comes to your kitchen, bathroom, and space you need. 

A New Job

Although more people are now working from home which has minimised the need to move for your career as often, sometimes there is the need to move for a job. This is extremely common when you are chasing or following a career and aren’t settle in one area. Commuting may also be too far from your current home or become a tedious task each day so moving closer would me you have more time to spend with your family and give you a better work-life balance. 

Relationship Changes 

There are a few changes that could lead to a move when it comes to relationships. The most common is a new relationship progressing to moving in together, a relationship ending and needing to move into a different house, and starting a family so you need more space. Moving in with a partner is also a common reason for relocating. If two people own a house in a relationship it will also lead to one or even both of the houses being sold so a larger house can be purchased. 

To Move Closer to Family 

For some moving closer to their family is important, this is because being close to your family so you can visit easily is usually a top priority when you have children. This is also one of the most common reasons why people move home. When a family unit grows it usually extends across numerous generations, so it’s grandparents moving to be closer to the grandkids as well as the other way round. Not only does it help to form close bonds, but it is also used as a way to have free childcare and help to reduce the costs in this area. 

To Be in The Right Catchment Area for Schools

Moving House

It is becoming more and more popular to move into a catchment area of the school that parents want their children to attend. Especially if it means that they will be considered a higher priority. If a parent isn’t keen on the schools that sit in their current catchment area, they are certainly not opposed to relocating to ensure it is right, and the children attend their school of choice. 

For A Change of Scenery or Lifestyle 

If people are searching for a fresh start or they are not living the lifestyle that they would like, then this can lead to the uprooting and moving home to a completely different location. Whether you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to start living in the countryside or vice versa, many decide that a move and complete change in scenery is the best option for them. 

Because Of The Costs 

Running a house can sometimes be a costly venture, and if you experience something like a loss of income or a major change in income, then the choice to relocate or downsize may be so you are able to save costs to a house with a much lower running bill. Whether it’s the mortgage payments, the cost of the heating for a large home, or rent, the expenses of running a house can change dramatically from one area to another just as it can from an eight-bedroomed home compared to the two-bedroomed flat. 

Because Of The Surrounding Area 

There is every chance that the area that you are living in can change. Sometimes for the better but equally for the worst too. It could even change completely from the time you originally chose the area, especially if you have lived there long-term. Whether it is because of a rise in crime, a new neighbour that is problematic, or because there have been too many houses built in the area, everything can change in the surrounding area. Whatever the reasons may be, it an extremely common reason why people relocate. 

Although moving home can be challenging, in the majority of cases it can benefit your lifestyle and give you peace of mind. Bear in mind that moving can sometimes come with high costs, so if you think it may be on the cards in the future, put some moving funds to one side so you are able to cope with the costs. 

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