Mind-blowing Drinks With A Little Fizz From Drinkmate

Fancy fizzing up loads of drinks? Try the Drinkmate where you can jazz up even the most boring of drinks. Every once in a while a kitchen gadget comes along that you didn’t realise you needed until it lands on your worktop

Every once in a while a kitchen gadget comes along that you didn’t realise you needed until it lands on your worktop. One that becomes the most used gadget in your kitchen, by each and every person in the house, from the kids right through to the grandparents.

Words by Rachel McAlley

Let me introduce you to the Drinkmate, a drinks machine that carbonates everything you could ever need carbonating.

iDrink Products is the company behind Drinkmate beverage carbonation systems. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, and with a warehouse in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk they supply to every part of the UK.

The Drinkmate products include elegant appliances in various finishes including red, white and black, plus accessories and refillable CO2 cylinders.

The team at iDrink Products invented Drinkmate in 2015, after becoming dissatisfied with other soda machines that can only carbonate water. They wanted the freedom to be able to sparkle any kind of cold beverage, anytime, and anywhere. And, the Drinkmate was born!

The proprietary Fizz Infuser technology gives you the freedom to carbonate any beverage. Not only water, but fruit juices, cordial and squash, cold tea and coffee, wine, cocktails, flat pop, and much more. So whether you want to create healthy sparkling drinks or craft cocktails, the Drinkmate has got you covered.


Mind-blowing drinks with a little fizz from Drinkmate!

Carbonated Drinks Machine
Fresh Orange Juice with Drinkmate

Drinkmate gives you big savings over store-bought carbonated drinks. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly by cutting down on glass and plastic bottle usage. Not to mention the benefit of not lugging all those heavy bottles around. But most of all, you can get creative and have fun while making drinks with exactly the amount of fizz you like.

On the Drinkmate website you can find plenty of drinks recipes from easy to make cocktails and delicious mocktails, to fruit and herb infused sparkling waters and fabulous hard seltzers. There’s a drink recipe for everyone.

Available from Drinkmate UK

Prices vary from: £99.99 for Drinkmate kit with 60L CO2 Cylinder, £119.99 for Drinkmate step up bundle with 2 bottles and 2 cylinders, £79.99 Drinkmate without cylinder, £16.99 for 2 x 1litre bottles, £14.99 for 2 x half litre bottles, and cylinders are priced separately.

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