Aldi is making 2021 January slimming plans a whole lot easier and more affordable! In a bid to support shoppers’ January resolutions, the retailer has extended its SlimWell range, introducing new, tasty and exciting dishes, including a Sausage and Bean Casserole and healthy chips.

Aldi introduces its latest products to the SlimWell range including chips – ready to bake at just 124 calories per portion!

On shelves from 1st January, Aldi’s SlimWell range is low-calorie yet high in flavour and quality. The range, which offers something for everyone, already includes 12 ready-to-cook main meals.

Who says you can’t have chips on a diet? New to Aldi’s range are SlimWell Oven Chips, which at just £1.69, (750g), they’re the perfect healthy alternative! Ready to bake and containing just potatoes and a light dusting of salt, the crispy yet fluffy chips bake perfectly every time. Plus, they’re only 124 calories a portion – meaning you can afford indulgence without breaking a diet, or the bank!

Also new this year is Aldi’s SlimWell Korean Beef Noodles (£1.79, 500g), a satisfyingly tasty combination of noodles, beef and vegetables, in a rich garlic and chilli sauce. These delicious egg noodles are topped with juicy beef and piled high with crunchy spring onions, carrots and sugar snap peas and drizzled in a decadent, yet light, spicy soy sauce. This generous serving is low in saturated fat, a great source of protein and comes in at only 305 calories.

January diets will be a thing of the past with Aldi’s new SlimWell Sausage and Bean Casserole (£1.79, 500g) – a hearty, warming dish packed full of protein and healthy carbohydrates. Delicious pork sausages are combined with healthy beans in a classic casserole sauce, along with generous vegetables to make the ultimate warm-your-soul dish.

Recreate your ‘fake-away’ at home without any fuss with Aldi’s SlimWell Chicken Tikka Masala (£1.79, 500g) ready meal. A tasty combination of juicy chicken breast chunks, onions and red peppers all combined in the famed Tikka Masala sauce and gently spiced. Make it an Indian inspired Saturday night feast with the family, and add Aldi’s SlimWell Chicken Saag (£1.79, 500g). Packed with mushrooms, chillies, garlic and ginger and rounded off with Turmeric for the perfectly spicy feast. Low in fat and high in protein, this curry is perfect for those who want something exciting, fresh and tasty, without the cooking!

Another ‘fake-away’ alternative, Aldi’s Chicken Chow Mein (£1.79, 550g) is the perfect meal for recreating a Chinese takeaway – but at a fraction of the calories (and cost)!

Miss the days of summer and BBQs? Relive them with Aldi’s Slimwell Smoky BBQ Chicken (£1.79, 500g). Made with chicken, beans and peppers all gently cooked up in a smoky barbeque style sauce, this Aldi meal promises to taste just like you’re back in the sunshine.

Also new to Aldi’s SlimWell line-up is Aldi’s SlimWell Meatballs and Pasta (£1.79, 550g) – the perfect addition to any slimming menu. Delicious beef meatballs in a juicy tomato sauce are added to perfectly portioned pasta for the ultimate January diet treat. Or try the Chicken and Chorizo-style Paella (£1.79, 550g). Saffron spiced rice is topped with succulent chicken and deliciously earthy chorizo – the complete opposite of a bland, boring diet meal! For those having a meat-free month, veggie fans can also sink their teeth into Aldi’s SlimWell Sweet Potato Curry (£1.79, 550g), a tasty combination of juicy sweet potatoes, topped with an aromatic curry sauce and spinach. Or for a classic wintery meal try SlimWell Bean and Vegetable Chilli (£1.79, 500g). A mixed bean filling vegetable chilli with red peppers, juicy tomatoes, onion and courgette with a gently spicy, yet warming, sauce – the perfect companion to a classic cold January day.

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