Man Behind the Mirror Teeth Whitening Kit Review

In a world where pristine pearly whites are no longer reserved for models and movie stars, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered giving my decidedly average gnashers a bit of much needed TLC. Years of red wine and coffee consumption have taken their toll on my teeth and left them looking somewhat off-colour.

Having tried both laser whitening and Crest White Strips with only moderate (and very short-lived) results, I was more than open to checking out a home whitening kit. When Man Behind the Mirror offered to send me one of their hero products, I jumped at the chance to give it a blast.

Based in Leeds, Man Behind the Mirror are a health and wellness brand that promote male wellbeing through a range of premium, evidence-based treatments. As well as focussing on teeth, they also tackle more sensitive male topics such as hair loss and erectile dysfunction head on with sound advice and a range of ground breaking products.

Their home teeth whitening kit is an easy-to-use, out of the box product that promises visible results in as little as 10 minutes. The set includes mouth guard and tray, LED activation light, and three syringes pre-loaded with high-grade whitening gel.

Before starting, it should be noted that the teeth whitening kit will not correct alignment issues or major dental work. Visiting an orthodontist is the only way to successfully overcome those issues. Even then, though, the Man Behind the Mirror kit can be used to support the in-office dental work with a view to building a better smile.

The gel is made up from ingredients including PAP (an active bleaching agent which whitens discoloured molecules inside your teeth) and Hydroxyapatite (designed to keep teeth healthy through remineralisation and combating cavities and enamel erosion), which have been proven to fight off stains and whiten teeth.

The kit itself is slickly-packaged and as promised, fool-proof in design. As someone who has little patience for reading instructions, even I found using the kit to be a total breeze. After brushing your teeth, simply attach the mouth tray to the LED light and apply ¼ syringe of gel to both the top and bottom of the mouthpiece.

Once fitted to your mouth, switch on the blue LED light to begin treatment and leave for 15 minutes before removing and rinsing. I’m currently on day three of treatment (each kit contains enough gel for six treatments which are best used over a six-day period) and the results so far are impressive.

My teeth were a tad yellow to begin with, but already look a couple of shades lighter. And, whilst there is a marked improvement, thankfully the results are not so dramatic that I have to worry about looking like Ross from Friends after his teeth whitening disaster.

The mouthpiece does feel a little strange at first, but caused me no discomfort as such. I have been avoiding red wine whilst using the treatment, however, I’ve not been able to cut coffee out of the equation. Instead, I’ve reached a compromise and give my teeth a solid brush after my morning caffeine fix.

Priced at £49.95, the Man Behind the Mirror Teeth Whitening Kit is an affordable way to keep your teeth looking tip-top without breaking the bank or wasting precious time. Reassuringly, the cost of whitening gel refills is just £14.95, which makes for a cost-effective way to maintain your smile.

A brand to watch, we expect big things from Man Behind the Mirror in 2020 and beyond. Check out their online magazine for news and no-nonsense advice on topics ranging from oral hygiene to mental health and hair loss.

The Man Behind the Mirror Teeth Whitening Kit is available online for £49.95. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for male grooming news, advice and inspiration.


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