Top Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Cabinets

A bathroom cabinet will not only give you storage, but it can also enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. If you are planning to get a new cabinet for your bathroom, there are different things to consider in choosing the right one for you. We have listed some of these factors to serve as your guide to find the best choice for you.

Decide on the style

There are several styles of bathroom cabinets and accessories like those at See which one you prefer. Aside from the look, consider its function as well. Here are some styles to choose from:

  • Louvered. This cabinet has slats next to each other that serve as ventilation. If you want air to go through, this is an ideal style. It is also something that will not go out of style, so if you prefer timeless, it is also an option.
  • Flat. It is one of the top choices in bathroom cabinets. It gives that minimalist and clean feel. It can also work with other styles of bathroom furniture, so mixing and matching would not be a problem.
  • Inset. It is on the pricier end, as it requires precision. The cabinets must fit perfectly in the frame.
  • Distressed. This style gives a vintage or farmhouse feel. Manufacturers use weathering techniques to achieve the look.
  • Lattice. A lattice style is more popular for outdoor furniture, but it is also now a style for bathroom cabinets.

Consider the storage

Determine the things that you need to store. Also, consider what needs to be within easy reach, and which ones you seldom need to use. It will give you a better idea of how much storage you require. Consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance. More storage also means more time to clean because of small spaces and edges.

Determine the size

The size of your cabinet depends on your storage needs, and also the size of your bathroom. Measure twice to ensure that you get the right size of the cabinet that will fit in your space. You do not want the inconvenience of buying one and finding out later that it does not fit. It is better to measure several times than to be sorry.

Consider the plumbing

If you need to put a sink on your cabinet and faucet over it, you must consider the plumbing. You need to ensure that you can have them installed for water supply and drainage. If you are not sure, ask your plumber to check and see if the area where you wish to place the cabinet is workable for that.

Choose the material

There are different materials used for bathroom cabinets, such as thermofoil, laminates, and woods. They have various characteristics, and they also give a different aesthetic feel. Compare your options to see which of these materials best suits your needs and style.

Consider the placing

Determine where you wish to place the cabinet. It must be spacious enough for the size you prefer. Also, it must allow you to walk freely to the other areas of the bathroom and not cause blockage or movement difficulty.

Keep these factors in mind in deciding on the bathroom cabinet to purchase. They also vary in price, so consider your budget when shopping.

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