Bedroom Trends for this year and next year

Bedroom Trends for this year and next year - As with all interior design, there are some new trends emerging

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

MY FITTED BEDROOM, a specialist in fitted wardrobes, full bedroom design, internal storage solutions and sliding doors, has bounced back after the impact of Britain’s lockdown – and is busier than ever designing 1000s of bedrooms in homes across the UK.

Bedroom Trends for this year and next year – As with all interior design, there are some new trends emerging – with some notable geographical skews.

Megan Baker, Head of Design at My Fitted Bedroom (www.myfittedbedroom.com), comments on current bedroom trends and shares her predictions of what’s coming up for Autumn / Winter 2020 and beyond. 

“Brits are organising their homes more since lockdown – as demand for fitted walk-in wardrobes and dressing area design soars” 

Creating ‘zones’ within bedrooms and sectioning off busy, often quite messy areas of a bedroom, is definitely on the increase. While we’ve always had requests for open shelved, clever floor to ceiling solutions that are fitted within a box room or area off a master bedroom, I would say demand has doubled in recent months.

Bedroom Trends for this year and next year – Consumers are investing in ways to make areas of the home more efficient when it comes to storage and organising their wardrobes. This in turn sees sleeping zones much more clutter-free and conducive to rest and recuperation.

A new trend we’ve been introducing is to add a ‘mono-chrome’ effect to door-free fittings versus just one colour for the furniture frame and internals, which customers are loving.

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

As well as black or dark frames, mixing a light grey frame and white internals is also popular

Central islands within walk-in wardrobes are also very fashionable. The benefits here are that wall space can be fully maximised for hanging and shelving configurations, and the central space in a room – which in bedrooms is often dominated by a bed – is used for additional storage.

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

A recently fitted My Fitted Bedroom dressing room featuring the Adela design created for a customer in Yorkshire

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

A recently fitted My Fitted Bedroom Walk-in for a customer in Knightsbridge, London

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

Dressing room area leading on to an ensuite bathroom created for a My Fitted Bedroom customer

“Demand for our ‘famous’ shoe storage has also increased this year.


Fitted Furniture Colour Trends

Similar to the trend to mix colours within doorless fitted open-storage solutions (for walk-ins), consumers are mixing and matching door colours to create an even more bespoke look in their bedroom.

If you want to completely change your room to align with this timeless trend, you can easily create your own wardrobe. If you ensure it fits the rest of your interior and contains various functions, you will be able to get many years of use out of it. Those looking for cheap fitted wardrobes can try a company like Online Bedrooms who offers DIY wardrobes for those on a budget. There is no need to spend thousands on a bedroom renovation. This trend can be done on a budget and to meet your timeless trend needs. 

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

My Fitted Bedroom’s popular Cassia range in White Oak and Walnut Noce, from £2,250

The new neutrals – Grey and Cashmere

Bedroom Trends for this year and next year – The prominence of white and wood-effect fitted furniture, which has dominated the market for years, is certainly waning as homeowners get braver with new colours. We’ve expanded our range of colours and now offer 29 colour variants in the popular new Elise collection. This is to be increased further before the end of 2020 with some new exciting colours launching across all collections.

Like in so many areas of home décor grey remains hugely popular. We’re seeing demand for lots of grey variants, from very pale off-white Dove Grey through to deeper greys.

Elise fitted bedroom range from My Fitted Bedroom, from £3,540, and the Shaker Classic, from £3,540 – both in Dove Grey

My Fitted Bedroom Sabrina, from £2,950 and Jasmine, from £2,495 – both in Pewter

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

“The great thing about the colour Cashmere is that it looks equally fantastic as a gloss slab door or in a matt Ash wood effect.”

Bedroom Trends 2020/21
Bedroom Trends 2020/21

The Jasmine design (top, from £2,495) and the Portafino door design, from £3,250 – both in Cashmere

Dark & Dreamy

“With darker colours in particular, matt finishes are trending. The current best sellers are Black Oak and Indigo Classic blue.”

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

The Adela Black Oak fitted bedroom range pairs perfectly with a range of blues and starts from £2,495 from My Fitted Bedroom

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

Since it launched earlier this year, the Elise fitted bedroom range from My Fitted Bedroom in Classic Indigo Blue has become a best seller, from £3,540

“Green is the colour we’re predicting will feature more in our homes from this Autumn onwards. It’s frequently asked for by customers in the south of England in particular and we will be expanding our green colour palette to grow in coming months.”

Bedroom Trends 2020/21

The Shaker Verde fitted bedroom, from £3,500

Sculptured door finishes

Advances in furniture manufacturing capabilities are giving homeowners more choice of textures than ever before. Light and dark concrete effect look stunning in modern homes, while coloured Ash and Oak suits both traditional styling as well as slab doors.  For more information visit www.myfittedbedroom.com

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