Awesome Key Bathroom Trends for 2022

The bathroom is one of the most overlooked sites in the home for decoration or renovation; revitalising living spaces is often more appealing, owing to the time we spend in them – however, bathrooms are more than utility spaces, and the renovation of your bathing space could confer more of a benefit than you might think.

Here are some of the main key bathroom trends for 2022, which could help you bring your bathroom into the modern age.

Patterned Tiles

bathroom trends

Patterned tiles are set to make a big comeback in 2022, after an extended period of time in which block colours and glossy-white ceramic tiles ruled supreme. Previously, pristine bathroom aesthetics with brilliant whites, sharp edges and shiny chrome dominated bathroom décor decisions, but as general home décor trends shift towards an eclectic maximalist style, bathing spaces are beginning to follow suit. One of the key places this shift is being seen is in the growing popularity of tiles with bespoke patterns, providing a sense of texture and intrigue to wet surfaces.

Matte Black Features

bathroom trends

Previous inclinations to keep bathroom spaces clean and white are also giving way to a rebellious sense of boldness, as matte black features, fixtures and fittings appear in opposition to the sheen of once-bright spaces. Black tapware is becoming a particularly popular way to create a statement in bathing spaces, providing a sleek and textured solution to utility fittings that have a form of timeless appeal – and don’t run the risk of appearing murky with grime and age.

Calming Colours

bathroom trends

Interior designers are also playing more with colour in general when it comes to bathrooms, as cooler natural colours begin making their way in. Natural-coloured bathroom paints can serve to create a calming and relaxing space, especially in nautical blues and sea greens which can have a notable stress-relieving effect. The hues themselves promote a sense of calm, as well as thematically representing open areas and natural spaces – expanding the perceived size of the room as well as introducing therapeutic elements to the space.

Bathroom Plants

Where bathrooms were once treated with a sense of minimalism, keeping out and storing away all but the most essential of toiletries and fixtures, 2022 will see the ‘re-cluttering’ of bathing spaces with adornments and decoration. In keeping with the natural theme embodied by the choice of natural, colder colours, bringing suitable houseplants into the space will serve to even further impose a sense of nature on the space. High-humidity plants are a must in order that they survive conditions in the space, but there are a wide variety of options to suit the size and dimensions of the individual bathroom.


bathroom trends

Lastly, with the rejection of the clean, minimalist bathroom comes the embracing of contemporary design ideas once kept to other living spaces in the home. One such aesthetic is that of anachronism, whereby elements of furniture and fittings clash with one another. Try vintage brass faucets against a contemporary tiling pattern, with reclaimed bamboo furniture making up shower mats and toiletries storage.

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