The Best Things You Can Do and Explore in Cornwall on Your Weekend Holiday

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Cornwall is one iconic English destination, and it is renowned worldwide for its long and beautiful coastline, its gorgeous and haunting moors, and its quintessentially English villages and towns that showcase the best of the countryside.

So if you are planning your weekend break or mini-break and are thinking of where to go, Cornwall may well be on your list. But Cornwall has a lot in store for any visitor, and if you want to make the most of your Cornwall weekend holiday, here are the best things you can do and explore in the region.

  • Check out The Eden Project

Getting to The Eden Project is a wonder in itself, and it’s easy to become impressed when you walk along the paths leading to the area and catch a glimpse of the massive biomes made of glass that house thousands of species of plants. What makes it even better is that the biomes have a Mediterranean and rainforest climate, so you can feel like you’re in another place altogether. On top of seeing nature’s finest flora and fauna, you can spend your time shopping and dining in the area, with lots of shops and restaurants that cater to different preferences.

  • Take a stroll up to St. Michael’s Mount

It can be argued that St. Michael’s Mount is one of the most scenic attractions in Cornwall, and this is hardly surprising. You can take a stroll up to the Mount and take advantage of low tide to take a walk along the old causeway to reach the castle. The place is brimming with history, and it’s not hard to imagine ancient settlers and pilgrims taking their walk across that very causeway! If you get there at high tide, you can take a ferry as well.

  • Explore the moors

Of course, when you’re in Cornwall, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the moors! Bodmin Moor is a sight to behold, and it’s no wonder it was recognized as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Bodmin Moor is also the only place in Cornwall with its own lake inland. Getting lost on the moors can also give you a glimpse of some excellent wildlife and animals, such as birds and horses, cows, and more.

Once you are done exploring, you can head on to your accommodations in Cornwall, and there are plenty to choose from when it comes to this, especially if you are looking for large country houses to rent for weekends that can accommodate big groups. Staying in a rented house also gives you the perfect opportunity to relax since you don’t have to deal with other guests, and some houses for rent in Cornwall feature luxurious bedrooms and amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and even dance halls.

  • Get your food cravings fulfilled in Padstow

Whilst there are plenty of dining establishments in Cornwall, a visit to the region won’t be complete if you don’t get your food cravings satisfied in Padstow. Rick Stein who is known for his famous fish and chip is accredited to changing the culinary landscape in Cornwall and has made the area a favourite of food enthusiasts.  If you want, you can also dine at Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant to cap off a lovely day. The Patisserie is also a must-visit, particularly if you crave some delicious pastries, meringues, and cakes.

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