Experience Titanic Spa’s Heat and Ice Journey.

The UK’s first eco-spa, Titanic Spa, situated within the natural landscape of Pennine Yorkshire has introduced a pop-up Ice Bath to its ‘Heat and Ice Experience’, one of the most advanced thermal journeys in the UK.

The Ice Bath, which will run for the rest of the summer, will add to the spa’s already expansive hydrothermal journey, that allows guests to achieve complete and utter relaxation, whilst benefitting their health. Heat and ice are both amazingly beneficial for your mind and body.

Cold therapy, which has become an increasingly popular wellness practice, is scientifically proven to improve health, aid recovery and gain clarity – it is no wonder that it is a practice that body builders and elite athletes swear by! Exposing the body to cold temperatures on a regular basis, is linked and proven to result in increased energy, better sleep, improved metabolism, concentration and even a stronger immune system.

Titanic Spa’s Heat and Ice Experience is based on the ritual or hot and cold bathing and is central to its guest’s spa journey. The Ice Bath will be situated within this journey and used in conjunction with the other facilities to complement and enhance its wellbeing results. Other facilities in the Heat and Ice Experience include:

Herbal Infusion Room

heat and ice

Designed to provide the warmth of a traditional steam bath, the Herbal Infusion Room takes the experience to the next level by infusing it with natural herbs and essential oils to provide a relaxing aroma and respiratory relief.


This luxurious timber chamber with its recognisable woody aroma, combines the pleasures of a traditional Scandinavian sauna with the added benefit of steam infusion, mood lighting and background music. This softer climate allows guests to spend longer in the cabin so that the heat can deeply penetrate the body, soothing joints and muscles.

Aromatherapy Room

Inspired by a 2,000 year old Roman tradition, the floor, benches and walls are heated which creates a dry and warm environment to trigger perspiration and the cleanse the pores. Aromatic vapours cocoon the body providing the perfect environment for relaxation.

Crystal Steam Bath

Also known as a Turkish or Roman steam bath, the Crystal Steam Bath has a warm and humid environment. This experience is particularly beneficial for the respiratory system due to its intense steam and when combined with essential oils and salt, helps to reduce inflammation and induce a state of deep relaxation.

Sauna Cabin

A Sauna Cabin is based on Finnish traditions and provides an intense dry heat. Aromatic water is poured on heated coals to create a warmth and essence in the cabin. This is a large space which offers an ideal environment to unravel the mind and rest tired, aching muscles.

Foot Baths

The traditional Foot Baths are run by the guest, allowing them to control the depth and ideal temperature. The baths provide a gentle and relaxing reflexology massage to soothe and stimulate the feet.

Ice Room

Designed to be used following the heat experiences, this experience cools the soft tissues to moderate body temperature, invigorate the body and stimulate the nerve endings to leave guests feeling refreshed and energised. Crushed ice is applied to the body to counteract the warming effects of the heat experiences.

heat and ice

Experience Showers

Soft tropical or invigorating ice rain showers provide a multi-sensory experience. A bucket shower also provides a hit of cooling water.

The Heat & Ice Experience is included in all Overnight Breaks, Day Packages and Twilight Evenings. For more information visit www.titanicspa.co.uk

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