Are Sash Windows Safe With Children?

Small decisions also require you to consider their safety when you have a family. After all, everyone wants their children to be safe and sound in the home. Unfortunately, children can be accident-prone, as they keep exploring everything in the home.

That is why you might be wondering, “Are sash windows safe with children?” If you are thinking of installing these windows in your home, you are in the right place. Here is what you must know about them.

Sash Windows And Child Safety

Fortunately, sash windows are perfectly safe with children in the home. The key is to use the right safety measures and basics so that your children can remain safe. For example, you can ensure that the window does not open far enough for your children to fall out.

Here are some of the ways you can enhance the safety of your sash windows:

1. Install Restrictors

Children can easily open sash windows. On the other hand, if these windows are already open, then children can open them even further. That is why one of the best things you can do is install restrictors on the windows.

Restrictors are small devices with bolts that sit at the side of the sash window’s top part. Because of this, the children will not be able to open the window too far. The restrictors require a key, and you can fit them according to the height that your children will be unable to reach.

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2. Safety Guards

Another measure you can take is to install safety guards on the windows. These guards create a physical barrier that your children can’t cross. You can attach the safety guards to the side of your windows, and you can unlock or remove them when the children are not around.

These safety measures are crucial so that you can enjoy your home while keeping it safe for your children. After all, the windows of the home should be enjoyed by the homeowners for a long time.

3. Safety Guidelines

Now that you know two important measures, there are also some basic safety guidelines you can follow. These include:

  • Move furniture, such as chairs, tables, or sofas, away from the sash windows to ensure your children don’t climb them
  • Only open the sash window with adult supervision
  • You can use a window wedge to keep your window shut when not in use
  • You can lock the sash windows, so your children don’t open them
  • Stop the sashes from moving by attaching a Charley bar on the top of your bottom sash

These are the top five safety measures you can take to ensure the safety of your children around sash windows.

Final Words

Now that you know sash windows are safe with children and the measures you can take to enhance safety, you can install them in your home. Once you follow the guidelines, your children will remain safe, and you can enjoy these beautiful windows for a long time to come.

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