4 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Home

Are you thinking about giving your home a new look by decorating it? How our homes look and feel is extremely important and affects our productivity, mood, and health. That’s why you definitely don’t want to get it wrong! In this article, we’ll help you avoid four of the most common decorating mistakes and get a great looking home.

#1 Avoid Being Too Focused on Individual Pieces

When inexperienced homeowners try decorating their homes, they always get lost in the weeds failing to take the full picture into account. They’ll spend hours researching each item on their list to painstaking detail checking multiple online shops and physical stores. They, however, almost never wait and think about how all the pieces will go together.

A room is the sum of all its parts: the furniture, the art pieces, the ornaments, and the general homeware – each piece complementing and going well with the other pieces is extremely important if you want the final design to come out well. Although it is important to check the quality of each piece, we’ll touch on this more in the next section, this should not come at the cost of forgetting about the bigger picture. As you choose individual pieces, you should always have your other purchases in mind and think about how they’ll jive together.

#2 Don’t Buy Cheap, Bad-Quality Homeware

Although the totality of the homeware you use to decorate a room is more important than any single individual piece, the quality and the authenticity of the pieces still matter. This is doubly true for furniture and other homeware that isn’t for decorative purposes only – a low-quality settee won’t only look bad, but it will also be uncomfortable to sit on and break easily.

The best way to avoid low-quality homeware when shopping is by going to stores, online or offline, that have robust quality checks and ensure the items they are listing/displaying are excellent – FormAdore UK is a prime example of an online shop that only lists homeware from the highest-quality manufacturers from around the world.


#3 Don’t Clutter Your Home

Homeowners that are new to decorating are often quite excited to purchase homeware and design each room. While the enthusiasm can be a good thing, it often leads to homeowners buying too many things and filling their rooms with clutter and unnecessary items. This not only hurts your wallet, it only hurts how good your design looks. A professionally-decorated home should not look cluttered, and you have to pay attention to how much space you have!

#4 Don’t Forget Functionality – Avoid Choosing Homeware Based on Looks Alone

Although how the homeware looks is certainly important, that shouldn’t be the only thing you consider – because after all, you won’t only look at the rooms you design, you and your family are going to live in them too. Ensure that you keep a balance between functionality and looks and try not to sacrifice one for the other.


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