Burning Barn: The Craft Rum Forged from The Fire

Burning Barn Rum has become popular with drinkers seeking out unique and quality experiences.

Reimagine Bonfire Night this year with the Burning Barn’s craft flavoured rums inspired by smoke and flames. 

Perfect for autumnal sipping and seasonal cocktails (see recipes in  notes to editors), Burning Barn’s fiery Spiced Rum and Smokey Rum were created when a devastating fire destroyed founder Katherine Jenner’s family’s barn and toffee apple business in the West Midlands in 2015. Inspired by the smoke and flames of the fateful day, they launched the brand in 2017 with their heated Spiced Rum flavoured with the finest whole spices and a Smoked Rum redolent of smouldering embers and burnt caramel. 

Burning Barn’s unique and artisan rums are made with the finest Guyanase molasse and flavoured using natural ingredients sourced from their own farm in Birmingham. 

With its innovative, all-natural ingredients and inspirational origins, Burning Barn Rum has become popular with drinkers seeking out unique and quality experiences.  Each spirit has enough character to be enjoyed as a sipping rum or with premium mixers, as well as the depth and complexity to stand up in a cocktail. Making it a perfect gift for craft and flavoured rum drinkers seeking out a craft offering. 

Burning Barn Rum

The Burning Barn Collection

Burning Barn Smoked Rum (40% ABV, 70cl, RRP £35)

The UK’s first hand-crafted smoked rum, this is a truly unique spirit. Smoked with real applewood from the family orchard, it has an intense smokiness with distinctive hints of apple, molasses and burnt treacle. The nose is punchy, but it is beguilingly smooth.

Available from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Amazon, Master of Malt, and premium independent retailers

Burning Barn Spiced Rum (40% ABV, 70cl, RRP £32) 

Made with the finest whole spices to make a uniquely sophisticated and fiery spiced rum. Whole spices that include vanilla, coconut, chilli, ginger and allspice, are roasted in three-meter wide, heavy copper pans that are traditionally used for toffee making. Once it’s ready, the aromatic mix is infused directly into a special blend of Guyanese rums, before diluting to bottling strength.

Available from Tesco (West Midlands), Amazon, Master of Malt, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and premium independent retailers. 

Burning Barn Rum

The Rum

Burning Barn Rum is made using the finest molasses in column and pot stills at the Diamond Distillery just outside Guyana’s capital, Georgetown. They are aged in the Caribbean in American Oak bourbon casks, before being shipped to the UK where the rums are flavoured, filtered and bottled on the family farm in Eastcote, West Midlands.

For more information visit Burning Barn or follow them on socials @burningbarnrum


The Smoked Storm

Burning Barn Rum

Keeping it simple, keeping it smokey. This easy serve is the perfect sipper for the autumnal nights

Created by Matthias Soberon @servedbysoberon for Burning Barn Rum (please credit) 


  • 50ml Burning Barn Smoked Rum 
  • 10ml Ginger Liqueur 
  • 10ml Lime Juice 
  • 80-100ml (Smoky) Ginger Ale to taste 

Method: Built 

Serve: Highball garnished with fresh ginger and lime.

Rum Bonfire 

The ultimate alcoholic evocation of smoke and fire.

Burning Barn Rum


  • 25 ml Burning Barn Spiced Rum 
  • 25 ml Burning Barn Smoked Rum
  • 1/2 tsp golden syrup 
  • Dash of nut bitters 
  • Dash of aromatic bitters


Dry shake and pour over crushed ice in a martini glass. 

Garnish with toasted marshmallows galore!

Smoked Old Fashioned 

Burning Barn Rum

The classic Old Fashioned is a true favourite. A simple and incredibly delicious short drink. So of course, we tried it with our unique smoked rum. The results are pretty mind blowing. 


  • 50ml BBR Smoked Rum
  • 10ml simple syrup
  • Dash of bitters 

Method  Stir with ice Strain over a single large ice cube Garnish with pink grapefruit peel, expressed over the glass to release the aromatic oils.

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