Breakfast and Brunch in Leeds has never been simpler!

Welcome to a new way of breakfast; BBOX is a breakfast box delivery service based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, delivering beautifully fresh quality breakfasts and brunches, straight to your door.  And here’s how this great idea came to fruition.

During lockdown, Trish Tothova, Co-founder of BBOX, had been spending her weekends getting up to bake a big breakfast or heading out to a cafe but was becoming frustrated with one simple thing, nobody was offering a luxury breakfast experience at home. 

Even before the pandemic hit, there were weekends that Trish and her partner and co-founder, Paul Munro, would prefer to stay in bed and relax without having to get up and make breakfast or get ready to travel to a cafe. Both coming from a digital marketing background, they were keen to alleviate this frustration.

“I was scrolling through delivery apps in bed one morning, and I kept thinking, why can’t I just have a really great breakfast delivered to my door? Most food delivery is takeaways at dinner time and there were hardly any options for breakfast. The ones that I saw were really just dessert options which takeaways were trying to sell as an addition” said Trish.

Being a huge foodie, cooking and baking had always been a big part of Trish’s life and so she fantasised about someday owning her own cafe or working with food. 

Together, they launched BBOX at the end of January this year, after working hard to perfect a selection of fresh Viennoiseries which are a popular choice on the weekend. The launch has seen many people from around Leeds take positively to the idea that they are able to have an indulgent brunch experience at home. 

“It’s not just about the current climate we are living in, yes, it is so wonderful to make the weekend’s feel that extra bit special since we can’t go out right now, but in normal circumstances I want people to be able to take that lazy lie in and not have to clean or cook for the whole family. It’s about giving people that wonderful hotel getaway experience, at home.”

Owner, Trish believes that opening a BBOX should feel like opening a present – and take it from us – it is!  We were lucky enough to try one of these culinary delights. Imagine our excitement!

Our Brunch Box was delivered to our door, beautifully presented with a large black silk ribbon tied around the outside – this heightened our expectations for the contents. As we opened the box, we let out a collective “Oooooh”. We were hungry and the contents had us drooling at first sight.

Breakfast Ideas

We were greeted by a stunning display of truly indulgent food, including a range of mini danishes and French butter brioche worth fighting over and the aroma of that mornings baked French croissants was mouth-watering. There was freshly squeezed juice, Taylor’s of Harrogate tea, Wolfys Porridge Pots porridge pots (let me tell you these Wolfy’s Porridge Pots are now firmly on our shopping list!), a freshly baked mini-Danish selection of French butter brioche, soft bloomed malt and white sourdough bread, a selection of fresh fruit, Tiptree strawberry jam pots and salted butter. We couldn’t decide where to start!

If you would prefer coffee instead of tea, BBOX have partnered with CLO Coffee to offer you their medium-roast Theshold blend in exclusive portions of 40g (2cups), 80g, and 120g in your BBOX.

Got a Nespresso Machine? They also offer CLO Nespresso compatible capsules in sleeves of 10! They have literally thought of everything.              

At BBOX they also cater for businesses, big and small alike, supplying them with a delicious fresh breakfast designed for specific needs. If you have important clients coming in, a long morning meeting or simply want to treat your staff, their corporate breakfast boxes are perfect for you.

No matter the occasion or your preferences, BBOX has you covered. They also have a Vegan Box, boxes you can share with your family and superb celebration boxes.

​Team H&N can say hand on heart – you need a BBOX in your life! Order yours today through

Instagram @officialbbox

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