Products to Help You Look and Feel Your Best in Lockdown

One minute you are loving lockdown life but then you are suddenly weepy with anxiety?

Sounds like you are riding the Coronacoaster…. We’ve rounded up our top picks to help lift your spirits and look after your wellbeing.

ShapeLine from ProVen

Are you the type who regularly makes a kale smoothie and run a 5k in lockdown? If yes, kudos to you, but other people might need a little more help when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the moment. Most of us feel that we have some pounds to lose. In fact, a new research, commissioned by Pro-Ven Probiotics, questioned 2,003 respondents throughout the UK and found that over three quarters (79%) of Brits are self-conscious about their waist, stomach and abs – with almost all of them struggling to lose weight in those areas (90% waist and 89% stomach and abs). 

In the largest clinical study of its kind on the effect of probiotics on weight loss, participants of all ages saw a reduction in their weight, waist circumference and BMI after taking one Pro-Ven Probiotics ShapeLine capsule every day, for six months. This probiotic provided weight loss of between 3 and 7lbs, reduction in waist circumference of 1-2 cm and a reduction in BMI by 1-4%. The results are even more impressive as participants were not placed on a calorie-controlled diet and made no changes to lifestyle or exercise regimes, indicating that all of the weight reduction benefits were as a result of the probiotic. 

ShapeLine is particularly beneficial for those who want to lose weight over a longer period of time, in a healthy and sustained way, without having to make any changes to either dietary intake or exercise patterns.

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Alteya Rose Water

Is your skin feeling a little lockdown lacklustre? Being inside with central heating can really dry out skin. A great way to give yourself an instant boost is to give your skin a wake up spritz. Keep Alteya Organic’s Centifolia Rose Water at your desk (or by your sofa) and apply throughout the day  when you feel like your skin needs rejuvenating. This 100% pure, natural, organic rose water helps rejuvenate, stimulate and harmonise skin, as well as act as an anti-inflammatory, which is great for acne prevention. 


Pollen CBD Drink Drops 

Why are we better at charging our phones than re-charging ourselves? The Powerbank range from Pollen has been developed to give you that ‘full tank’ feeling. If you’re looking for a lockdown boost, why not add Pollen’s Powerbank CBD Drink Drops into your morning coffee?

Made with 500mg water soluble CBD from broad spectrum hemp oil, the Powerbank drink drops have been enhanced with natural vanilla and honey flavours.  This blend has been crafted to dissolve completely into your drink, enhancing it with subtle flavour + colour, ensuring no oily residue.  Each 2ml drop supplies a 10mg serving of CBD and each bottle comes with a dropper for precise dosing, so you know exactly how much CBD you are consuming each time.  Perfect to pop in your coffee or smoothie.


Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid

Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid is the gold standard for whole-food based supplementation. All-natural ingredients provide energising, antioxidant and anti-ageing power which is sure to put a spring in your step and mood during lockdown and beyond. With an irresistible tropical flavour, Source of Life Gold Liquid provides a complete daily vitamin profile of 13 vitamins and 8 minerals and all it takes is one 30ml dose per day. It is also gluten-free and vegan certified. 


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