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Divulging My Expert Digestive Secrets…

With such limited public awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system, author, nutritionist, gut health expert, and founder of the UK’s leading Kefir producer,Chuckling Goat, Shann Nix Jones divulges her top digestive health secrets, and reveals some exclusive digestive tips from her best- selling Amazon book, The Kefir Solution.

trinity wig specialists

Trinity Wig Specialists

Trinity Wig Specialists provides discrete and professional hairdressing for everyone. Established in 1995, Trinity Hair Studio remains today one of the region’s most highly regarded…


Too Cool for School

Since its launch in the UK in April 2019, key Too Cool For School lines have sold out within 24 hours in-store and online. Their bestselling Egg Mellow Cream sells 1 every 12 seconds in the US and globally, with the Egg Cream Masks selling 1 unit every 10 seconds in the US. The brand had a waiting list of 25,000 orders ahead of its launch into the US and received over 9,000 requests to come to the UK.


Pollution free in 1,2,3

Research shows that women who live near busy roads held 22% more hyperpigmentation and wrinkles in their skin than rural dwellers*. It’s enough to make you a hermit. According to the expert opinion of Oriflame’s Senior Director Science & Innovation Alain Mavon, “our natural skin defences are overwhelmed by daily exposure to these chemicals and oxidants.”

facial oil

The real reasons why you should be using a facial oil

DAYTOX Natural Day and Night Facial Oil (£24.00, Ocado) is a light, dry oil that easily absorbs into the skin. Containing vitamins E and C to help fortify and strengthens the skins natural barrier, and  Almond oil, a powerful natural antioxidant that prevents the effect of stress and harmful ultraviolet radiation rays to the skin. This is particularly important for city dwellers who need extra protection against pollutants, which is a common culprit for developing wrinkles and the breakdown of collagen.

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