Love the skin you’re in!

Providing you with a nature-friendly way to love your skin to the fullest.

Love the skin you’re in – Sintra Beauty is a sustainable company creating products that are effective, nature-friendly, and suitable for all-skin types, even sensitive skin. That is because all the ingredients used are high-quality and collected from natural sources. From soaps to body butters, they offer you a range of products that will never fail in soothing and nourishing your tired skin!

That is the claim, so I was excited to try their Naked Body Butter and Soothing Cleansing Balm. Immediately I was impressed by the ingredients list on the cleansing balm, Shea Butter, Organic Caster Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Kaolin French Clay, Tea Tree and Chamomile. Totally beautiful, natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals or preservatives and I was more than happy to use this on my skin.

Love the skin you're in

Taking a scoop about the size of a 5p, I warmed the balm between my hands as instructed  and massaged all over my face and neck, I couldn’t believe how far such a small amount covered, but it did and it felt rich and nourishing, so much so that I would have happily left it on but following the instructions I removed with a warm cloth.

My skin felt so good that I did a second cleanse and left it on for a while before removing, it just felt like my skin was being fed a banquet of goodness and afterwards it looked fresh, clean and hydrated. There was no tightness, just bright healthy-looking skin.

In my opinion, this Soothing Cleansing Balm is a great way to calm your skin and restore hydration in a gentle, mild way. It even removes eye makeup which I struggle with as I do like to cake on several layers of mascara!

This is the perfect hot cloth cleanser for removing make up in a gentle way. Good for soothing problematic skin, suitable for all skin types and is perfect for Vegans. This is now a staple product in my cleansing routine.

The second product I was asked to review was the Sintra Naturals Naked Body Butter, again only natural ingredients were in evidence: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E. After using the soothing cleansing balm and having such a good result, I was eager to try this on my legs which can get a little dry.

I smoothed the body butter over my legs and had that same immediate feeling of nothing but pure goodness being fed to my skin. So, I used it all over my body, lay back and relaxed while all those ingredients were absorbed. Afterwards the skin on my body felt and looked as good as the skin on my face and neck, how had I not heard of Sintra Naturals before?

Love the skin you're in

If simplicity is your mantra in life, you will definitely fall in love with these products. All are allergy and skin friendly and can be used on sensitive skin, people with allergies and even our precious little ones. Did I mention that all the packaging is completely recyclable too.

Visit www.sintranaturals.com and try these products yourself. I will say this now, “You are welcome!”

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