How to See the World as a Family Without Winning the Lottery

Travelling as a family provides fantastic opportunities to bond and form shared experiences. However, the reality is that overseas travel can cost a bundle.

If you and your family are yearning to get away, check out our tips for how to see the world without winning the lottery.

Prioritize Travel as a Family

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If children are involved in the family-budgeting process from a young age, they will better understand the value of money. If each family member feels involved in the vacation planning process, they are also more likely to prioritize saving for travel over frivolous treats. Consider setting a travel goal and getting travel cards needed for the year and give everyone enough time to save. That way, you will have extra money to make the experience memorable.

Plan in Advance

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Last-minute travel deals are excellent for short getaways close to home. However, if your idea of seeing the world involves a long-haul flight, we highly recommend planning a year in advance. There is seasonality to consider, as well as the weather, vaccination requirements, and more. You also get to sign up for limited-time deals before anyone else. Advance planning with a local travel agent will ensure you get the best experience at a reasonable price without hidden costs or drama.

Get Camping Essentials

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There’s nothing better than roasting marshmallows over an open fire and getting away from the daily grind of modern life. However, having the essentials for camping isn’t just for trips close to home. Did you know that there are campsites all over Europe? Get expert reviews of campsites on After picking a good camping site, be sure to bring along the items you need for a trip, including sleeping bags, first aid kits, and clothing that’s appropriate for the terrain.

House Swap

If you live in a tourist town and have considered putting your house on Airbnb, but aren’t entirely convinced about welcoming strangers to your home, you might be more comfortable with a house swap situation. In this case, you can search a house swap website based on your preference of city, house amenities, or even whether it is pet-friendly. With this, you can travel to your dream location without having to pay a huge sum for accommodations.

Be a Digital Nomad Family

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Taking an extended vacation from work can be tricky both professionally and financially. Obtaining holiday leave at the same time as your partner and when a travel deal arises can be next to impossible. However, if you can take your work wherever you go, these problems won’t be much of an issue. Today, it is common to work exclusively online or on a hybrid basis, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be at home. Being a digital nomad family offers the freedom of travel while still earning an income.

Minor changes to your lifestyle can make significant differences in how you travel. Don’t forget to check out the various options for credit cards to see which can earn you points and offer benefits to get your family out seeing the world.

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