Fantastic spots to buy your first holiday home in the UK

West Coast Of Scotland 

Holiday homes in the UK

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You could consider going North when buying a holiday home. People often overlook Scotland completely because of the cold weather but that’s certainly not true for all locations in this country. Indeed, there are many places on the West Coast that provide the perfect spot for a home away from home. The key benefit here is that the prices are often significantly lower than what you might find if you bought a property on the South coast of England. The west coast also benefits from warm waters due to a heated current that makes it feel like a tropical paradise in the summer. 


Holiday homes in the UK

Alternatively, if you do want to buy down south, then Cornwall is the perfect option for you. Cornwall has stunning beaches which is one of the reasons why thousands upon thousands of people travel there every year. Since Cornwall is so popular holiday homes are always going to be more expensive. But you can also charge more when you let out the home. If you want to know how to mortgage my holiday let, then you need to look for the right broker. They’ll help you find the right deal for a property that you are interested in purchasing in an area like this. 


Holiday homes in the UK

Not too far from Cornwall is Dorset and this is another beauty spot that is well worth exploring for this type of investment. There are many locations around Dorset that could be perfect for a holiday home purchase including Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. The port paradise is so popular with tourists that there are some homes here which cost thousands for just a couple of nights by the beach. If you are planning to use the home yourself, then you will need to get used to a lot of traffic around these parts during the holiday seasons. 

Lake District 

Finally, you could think about purchasing a home in the lake district. This could be perfect if you want to find a holiday home in a location that is a little more peaceful and offers serenity. The lake district does get quite crowded during the summer months but there are still lots of places to buy where you’ll be able to escape the crowds. You do have to be prepared for the wet seasons of the year. This is very much a seasonal choice and one that you will likely only want to visit during the hottest months through spring and summer. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key places where you can buy a beautiful holiday home around the UK. If you explore the best options here, then you can guarantee that you do find your perfect slice of real estate heaven without heading overseas. 

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