What To Do When You Have A Burst Pipe In Your Home?

A burst pipe at your home can lead to severe trouble if you don’t take effective steps. The issue may occur because of old pipes or cold. Water may freeze in the pipes during winter, causing them to break.

Knowing what to do when a pipe bursts in your home will help you save money and keep your property safe. So here are the top things you should do when experiencing such a situation. A burst pipe can be catastrophic!

Turn Off The Main

Turning off the main water supply is necessary if you want to save this resource. It will also help you avoid large puddles inside your home, so you will have less cleaning to do.

This will also prevent new water from entering the pipe system. Remember, it is easier for an emergency plumber in Orpington to deal with old water in the plumbing system.

Drain The Faucets

burst pipe

Draining faucets is necessary to remove the remaining water in your pipes. It will relieve pressure from the system and help you maintain a dry environment. This will prevent more leaks from occurring throughout the house.

Removing water will also help if the pipe has burst in winter. It will prevent additional freezing of water in the system. So you can avoid more bursts on the same day. You must also flush toilets a few times to drain water to avoid leaks.

Locate The Burst Pipe

Finding the leak cause is necessary to diagnose the issue and fix it. So you must locate the burst pipe in your home. If water is leaking, you can keep a bucket beneath the pipe to prevent the liquid from spreading and wetting the floor.

You should also look for signs by checking for bulges on ceilings. This will help you understand the severity of water damage. You may also have to shut off the electrical supply to avoid electrocution. This is essential if the leak occurs near a socket or fuse box.

Call A Plumber

burst pipe

After taking immediate precautions, call an emergency plumber to help you. The professional will handle the repairs or replace the plumbing system. They will also help you find a reliable electrician to help with electrical system damage.

The best part is that the plumber will help you save money. Fixing the problems, yourself will cause you to spend more. Besides that, you must have relevant experience to avoid causing more damage.

Cover The Break

A burst pipe may have a break or hole, allowing water to leak inside your home. You should temporarily repair the sleeve or cover the damaged area. This will help you prevent more water loss until the emergency plumber arrives.

The temporary solution will keep the water inside the pipes. So it will enable you to use water throughout the property. Of course, you should avoid doing that until the plumber comes.

Final Words

These are the top five things to do when a pipe bursts inside your home. The precautions will help you save water and avoid more leaks. They will also allow you to prevent electrical damage and keep your family members safe.

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