The 4 top Ways to Update a Rental Bathroom

Most of us like a change from time to time, and this definitely extends to our décor. With social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, we are flooded with images of stunning interiors in even the most unlikely places

From luxurious charm to DIY hacks, there is plenty for everyone to learn and gain inspiration from.

The 4 top Ways to Update a Rental Bathroom – When it comes to the bathroom, it is often hailed as a place of pure relaxation, a way to get some “me time” away from the children or the other half and take a moment to indulge ourselves. Because of this shift, many are more interested in sprucing up their bathroom and making it their new favourite room in the house. That being said, it can be difficult if the house you are living in does not actually belong to you. Renters can be reluctant to make commitments and changes to rooms they might not be able to enjoy for a long time or even be allowed to make those changes!

If that sounds like a familiar situation, then this piece is for you!

So here are the 4 top Ways to Update a Rental Bathroom

Paint, Paint, and More Paint

Paint is an excellent and relatively cheap way of transforming a room. It comes in a variety of colours and textures now and is also easily reversible for if and when you leave. A splash of paint on the wall and the ceiling will transform the whole room. Be sure to pick a colour combination that complements each other and watch the whole room transform with a paintbrush!

That being said before you get started, why not get some dream bathroom inspiration in the flesh by visiting bathroom showrooms West Midlands? For those who love interior, these do make a fun day out too.

Get Creative with Shower Curtains

For those who have a shower over the bath, a shower curtain is a brilliant way to inject some personality into a rental bathroom and change the vibe completely whenever you see fit. Much like regular curtains, shower curtains command the attention of a room and can change how the whole room looks. So, for those who do not want to break out the paint tins, a shower curtain is a brilliant way to mix things up.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper has been somewhat of a sensation this year when lockdown gave a lot of us more time than we have ever dreamed of having. This led to a lot of creative temporary renovations, which included peel and stick wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper is exactly how it sounds. It doesn’t damage the walls and also comes in so many styles, patterns, and colours that there is bound to be one you fall in love with.

Lighting and Furniture

Accessories change the look of anything, and when it comes to your bathroom, it is no exception. Similarly, with the shower curtain, think about what kind of vibe you want the bathroom to have. Is it rustic? Because natural wooden drawers and mirrors could really bring the room together. Feeling more contemporary? Find some quirky soap dispensers or toilet paper holders- you get the idea.

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