Personalised Wall Art

Why Choosing The Right Lacquer For Your Personalised Canvas Is So Important

Personalised Wall Art – Printed large canvas wall art is perfect for hanging on your wall as the material is tough and the art always has a striking appearance. Despite this, it’s important that the canvas is treated in the best lacquer for the best results and to help to prevent it from fading. So, how do you choose the right lacquer for your personalised canvas and why is it so important? Let’s take a closer look, below.

Personalised Wall Art

Different Types Of Lacquer

Urushiol-based Lacquers

Found in mangos and plants, urushiol is an organic and oily allergen. This lacquer is water and alkali acid resistant, producing a durable and hard finish. If you want a canvas print that will last through any spills or scuffs on your wall, this lacquer will give that sturdy property.

This water-based lacquer is slow drying, which means that it requires humidity, heat, polymerisation and oxidation to set properly. This is unlike many other lacquers that set from evaporation.

Acrylic Lacquers

This lacquer is also water-based and can be used straight onto the surface of a product. The super-fast drying time makes it ideal for those who want their finished canvas as soon as possible. It’s important to note however that this lacquer does contain toxins. Acrylic lacquers have only been around since developed in the 1950’s, unlike urushiol-based lacquers.

Nitrocellulose Lacquers

Nitrocellulose lacquers dry quicker and because of this, it is popular in the automotive industry. This type of lacquer also used to be utilised on musical instruments and wooden products. The easy-to-apply property means that the canvas print can be completed with ease and speed. However, it’s important to note that this solvent is toxic, volatile, flammable and hazardous, so when hanging a print you must be vigilant as to where you place it.

Water-Based Lacquers

Water-based lacquers that are less toxic have been developed because of the environmental and health risks associated with lacquers that are solvent-based. This new generation of paint technology means that prints now have enhanced chemical and water resistance, making them more durable. Like other lacquers, the water-based lacquer dries very fast, allowing you to re-coat the print with it. What’s more, you receive instant results, which is ideal if you have a short time frame to produce the canvas print. Water-based lacquers are more superior to those that are solvent-based. They have improved stack-times, are more durable and the lacquer has thinner resistance.

Personalised Wall Art

As you can see, each lacquer has different advantages and flaws, which is why choosing the right lacquer for your personalised canvas is so important. You want to ensure that you get the best results as the canvas will hang on your wall for a long time, and you don’t want it to fade or not look its best. Take time to choose the lacquer that will work best for your canvas, so you can have a print hanging on the wall in your home or office that you are proud of and can enjoy the premium finish.

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