Lighten Up: How To Let More Natural Light Into Your Home

Here in the UK, we have a decidedly reverential attitude toward sunlight. At the slightest opportunity, we will bask in the sun’s golden rays, and when the winter months bring long hours of darkness, we often find ourselves suffering mentally and physically as a result.

However, despite this longing for an abundance of natural light, our homes are not always designed to let in as much sunshine as possible. If your own home is darker than you would like, read on to discover some simple but effective solutions that will brighten up your abode and let more natural light into your home in no time.

Install Roof Windows

Do your upstairs bedrooms feel cramped and gloomy, especially during the winter? If the answer is yes, but there is no space to install any additional windows in the walls, then the ideal solution may be to install a pitched roof window or two.

While they come in a variety of designs and finishes, all pitched roof windows will add an instant injection of brightness and style to your home. Not sure where to find the ideal windows for your house? Roof Window Outlet offers an extensive selection for you to choose from, including windows that can be operated electronically.

Try Internal Glazing

let more natural light into your home

If you have one brightly lit room next to a room which doesn’t receive as much natural light, you may want to consider using internal glazing in a window or doorway between the two. By installing glass panels between rooms, you will allow more of the light from the well-lit room to travel through to the darker one.

The result? An instantly brighter space that is much more inviting to spend time in. An additional bonus is that it can help to keep heat in. This is ideal for the colder months when the temperatures drop, and you want to help keep your home warm and the energy bills low.

Use Colour To Your Advantage

let more natural light into your home

If you don’t have a big budget to spend on increasing the natural light in your home, you can help to make your abode feel brighter and more uplifting with a simple can of paint. White is an ideal shade to use to really illuminate most rooms, as the sunlight filtering in through the windows will bounce off the walls and make the space look and feel aglow.

However, it may not be the best option for the walls of a room with little natural light. For those spaces, it’s a good idea to use a neutral colour, such as taupe or dove grey, that will reflect what sunshine does get in, rather than absorbing it.

Hang Mirrors To Boost Your Light

let more natural light into your home

Another cheap and cheerful light-enhancing trick that many interior designers swear by is the use of mirrors. Placing mirrors in strategic spots around your home can help to double the available light, ramping up the levels of brightness throughout the building. They also create the illusion of more space, as a delightful bonus.

Don’t have much money to spare? You can easily pick up a few cheap mirrors from your local charity shop, or find some bargains on second-hand selling sites.

Putting Plans Into Action

These are just some of the clever design tricks you can use to increase the amount of natural light in your home. There is bound to be a useful tip or technique to try. Before you know it, you will have a brighter and airier home that lifts your mood and improves your well-being. Now that’s a good reason to lighten up!

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