How to choose a home renovation company?

How to choose a home renovation company?

Checking out countless websites and advertisements, not knowing which home renovation company to choose? What to pay attention to when choosing a refurbishment company? We will let you know how to approach this subject prepared!

First – set a refurbishment budget!

Looking for a proper renovation company without a precise budget is a slippery slope. If you don’t know how much to spend on your renovation, and without any idea about the actual costs of services can lead to overspending what you actually can afford. Do your research before – do not ask the companies for their estimates if you’ve got no clue about the costs of a home renovation!

Let us use joiners in Glasgow as an example here – one of our clients, before he met us, tried to hire a crew of joiners. Thankfully, after receiving their quotation, he turned to us to compare the offers… and it turned out the initial quote was WAY above what we can call fair. But what if he had not contacted us?

Kitchen fitting from POL-built.co.uk in Glasgow
Kitchen fitting from POL-built.co.uk in Glasgow

Make a list – what is it that you want to achieve with your renovation?

It’s good to have a goal before you start your house refurbishment. It doesn’t matter what it is that you need – be it a house extension, new tiles, flooring… do not approach the subject blindfolded! Make a list and follow it to the letter. This will allow you to cut on the costs, as you will be able to discuss each point on your list with your potential renovation company.

This will decrease the overall confusion – and where there is confusion, it is easy to lose money. Be smarter than that – with a proper goal list, you won’t fall victim to such ill practises.

Check the history of the building company

One of the most important points – ALWAYS perform a background check. Before meeting with the company’s representatives, check what you can find out about them from reviews and opinions online and offline. However, keep in mind that there can be many paid reviews on the Internet, so if possible, try to get actual reviews from your neighbourhood (it is great to find a local building company as it is easier to be checked).

Meet with them in person

Nothing like meeting with a seller in person to try and find out of he is full of competence… or something entirely else. Before signing a contract, we advise meeting in person. Take your time and ask all your questions, show them your list that we’ve mentioned before, talk about prices and timelines… do not hurry! This is your time to make up your mind. A trustworthy company won’t mind it takes a bit longer to finalise the deal, as if they have nothing but good intentions, they will know it’s a great start to a long and successful business relationship! We think that about sums up the most important steps to finding and hiring a proper renovation company. Keep in mind that this is just a list of general directions – if anything else raises any red flags, it’s better to back off than sign a contract which you will come to regret in the future. Good luck and if you need any more advice, don’t be a stranger!

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