7 Amazing Ideas to Improve Your Kitchen Space

Improving your kitchen space has plenty of different advantages. A redesign can help you to create a more attractive home and make the most of your kitchen.

What’s more, renovating your kitchen can also boost the value of your home. You might already have some ideas about how you want to redesign your kitchen? If you’d like a touch of inspiration, try these seven-pointers.

1 . Trendy tiles

Why not try adding some trendy kitchen tiles? A ‘tile backsplash’ refers to a section of tiles along a wall, (these often fill gaps on a bathroom or kitchen wall). A colourful tile backsplash is a great way to enhance your kitchen space. If you’re looking to stay on-trend, consider adding antique floral tiles? Other trendy options for 2022 include mosaic patterns or chevron pattern tiles.

2. An island


Adding an island is an amazing way to improve your kitchen space. These structures look beautiful and they are incredibly versatile. You can use an island as a counter space to prepare food, or as a breakfast bar to have your morning coffee. Kitchen islands allow you to give a sense of structure to the room, helping you to enhance a large space. An attractive kitchen island can even add value to your home, it’s currently one of the most sought-after renovations. If you’re looking to create a stunning space, an island is the way to go!

3. Declutter your space


One of the simplest ways to improve your kitchen is to declutter your space. Look through all of your cupboards and remove any items that you don’t want or need. You might like to sell these items or donate them to a charity store? Once you’ve freed up a little space you might like to rearrange your storage. Getting this room organized can help you to save time in the kitchen.

When the decluttering is finished it’s time to start cleaning! It’s important to give your kitchen a deep clean from time to time, especially those hard-to-reach areas. If you’re keen to keep it green try eco-friendly cleaning sprays.

4. New kitchenware


When you’re making renovations and decor changes don’t forget to think about your kitchenware. If your plates and bowls are looking old and shabby, why not treat yourself to some new ones? To shop for some beautiful and high-quality kitchenware take a look at Verano Ceramics. Here you’ll find everything from bowls and mugs to spoon rests and storage options.

5. A farmhouse sink

Does your kitchen sink need an update? Farmhouse sinks are a lovely addition to any kitchen space. These sinks are sometimes called drop-sinks or apron front skins, they are large and deep, designed to blend in perfectly with your counter. Farmhouse sinks are incredibly practical for when you have lots of washing up to do. Arguably the main draw is that they look so beautiful in a kitchen space!

6. Colourful cabinets

Want a pop of colour? Then why not add some colourful cabinets? In 2022 we’ll be seeing lots of bright shades in kitchen spaces, consider sunflower yellow, turquoise blue, or olive green? Adding bright colours is a fantastic way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. There are many other ways that you can add colour, including:

  • Hang artwork on your walls.
  • Use bright plants and flowers.
  • Add accessories, (ornaments, or tablecloths, etc).
  • Use a bright-colored kitchen rug.
  • Re-paint your walls in bold shades.

7. Go green


Lastly, going green can help you to improve your space. Here are a few ideas that you can use to make your kitchen greener:

  • Invest in an energy-efficient cooker.
  • Use energy star-rated appliances.
  • Recycle your food waste for compost.
  • Shop for vegetables and fruits in season.
  • Use green products.
  • Decorate with eco-friendly paint.
  • Install a low-flow tap and a water-saving dishwasher.
  • Be mindful of waste, (it can help to plan your meals).

Ideas like these make it simple to improve your kitchen. Before you make any changes it’s a wise idea to create a plan. Write down your design style, colour schemes, renovation plans, and accessories. Planning out your changes first will help you to achieve the look you’re going for. With the right home improvements you’ll soon make the best of your home.

Quartz Worktops are also a good option for making your kitchen more attractive.

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