Refresh your tastebuds – Award Winning SUPERDRINKS!

Refresh your tastebuds – Enter The DRGNDRGN is the world’s first turmeric-infused ‘superdrink’, a fusion of ancient Asian wisdom with modern Western science. At just 53 calories per 250ml serving, this remarkable drink is both low in sugar and free from caffeine or artificial ingredients. Incorporating the ancient powers of turmeric, black pepper, and ginger with modern research, DRGN’s proprietary refreshment also brims with vitamins and electrolytes together with Austrian spring water and natural citrus.


Using a complex extraction process, the drink is packed with nutrient-rich botanicals to produce DRGN’s invigorating and healthy soft drink. Each serving contains 50% of an individual’s recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, 30% of B-Vitamins and 30% Vitamin E to reduce fatigue and tiredness, restore normal energy-yielding metabolism and support the immune system by protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Following DRGN’s launch, it quickly accumulated positive reviews. FoodBev Media shortlisted DRGN as a finalist in its World Beverage Innovation Awards and has been steadily gaining momentum within the beverage industry, winning the Gold Award for Innovation at the Lunch Show in late 2019.


Refresh your tastebuds

While spending a near decade living in Hong Kong, DRGN founder Vishal Sodha had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of various botanicals, herbs, and spices used across the Asia Pacific region. In particular, Vishal was intrigued with turmeric and ginger, widely used in South East Asia as powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. Japan, for example, has always used turmeric for its powerful detoxifying properties to help protect and improve liver function.

Upon returning to London, Vishal decided to pursue his vision of creating a product that incorporated the health benefits of traditional Eastern medicine – with a fresh and stylish twist. Using his knowledge and experience with Eastern ‘superfood’ ingredients, Vishal worked alongside a food science and technology team to conduct best-in-class research and development. They eventually perfected a functional beverage brimming with 15 health-boosting ingredients but with the taste profile of a refreshing and sophisticated adult soft drink.

Product Details

DRGN Turmeric Superdrink

  • Vegan, vegetarian, and free from gluten, dairy, and wheat.
  • Free from caffeine, alcohol, and artificial additives.
  • 4.9g of sugar per 100ml (below sugar tax).
  • 53 calories per 250ml serving.
  • All ingredients are sustainably sourced with guaranteed origin and trading policy.

Product Details:– Ingredients: carbonated spring water, botanical extracts (turmeric, ginger, black Pepper, natural flavourings, vitamins (Vitamin B6, B2, B1, B12, Niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E), Isotonic Salts (sodium citrate, calcium lactate, potassium magnesium citrate, magnesium citrate), L-Glutamine, and inositol.

Little Rick:

Refresh your tastebuds

Refresh your tastebuds – Little Rick offers a selection of fruity, CBD-infused, low-calorie, and refreshing drinks and treats designed to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, ease pain, and support overall health. All Little Rick products are eco-friendly, plant-based and are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Co-founders Charlotte Nielsen and Norman Kremer aim to change the way CBD is perceived and consumed through the range of Little Rick’s refreshing cannabinoid-infused sparkling drinks and chocolate-covered fruit treats .

Refresh your tastebuds

Using only natural emulsifiers that are high in water soluble fiber, Little Rick’s technology helps the active ingredients be absorbed in the bloodstream more effectively. The body absorbs up to 4x more cannabinoids with Little Rick compared to traditional methods. It takes around 30 minutes, on a full stomach, for cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream and effects last between 6-8 hours.

Today Little Ricks laid back CBD-infused sparkling drinks are available in three flavours (Pina, Raspberry Coconut and Mint & Lime) as well as seasonal, limited edition flavours that are available until stock lasts. Little Rick has recently received funding through Virgin Start Up Funds.


Following his own experiences working for CBD companies, wellness enthusiast and co-founder Norman Kremer felt there was a gap in the market for all-natural and values-driven hemp products. He was soon inspired to pursue his own interests and teamed up with co-founder Charlotte Nieslen to produce a CBD product that was enjoyable to consume and that he believed in and could be proud of.

Over the last decade, interest in CBD has skyrocketed due the plant’s many health benefits. The body absorbs up to 4x more cannabinoids with Little Rick compared to traditional methods, due to the company’s unique technology. Little Rick’s high quality CBD is absorbed by the bloodstream faster and more effectively by using all-natural emulsifiers high in water-soluble fibre. It takes around 30 minutes, on a full stomach, for cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream and effects last between 6-8 hours.

“Team H&N had some of these drinks ‘gifted’ and we have to say that we absolutely loved them! Great flavour and we actually slept better. Going to continue drinking DRGN to see what other benefits we get. Watch this space!” Angela Riches – Editor in Chief at H&N Magazine Group

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