Best cars for UK roadtrips

Since the start of the pandemic, summer holidays or any type of holidays have been a dream for many! With the UK now into its third national lockdown, will there be hope of an abroad holiday, or will we all be opting for UK ‘staycations’ this year? If you don’t want to risk going abroad, then there are some amazing road trips right here in the UK!

A recent survey from Refused Car Finance, a car finance broker in the North east of England found that from July 4, 2020, people were able to book a holiday or night away at many popular UK ‘staycations’ and hotels. Refused Car Finance’s survey had revealed that only 16.7% of drivers had driven to a UK staycation since the new rules had come into play. With this in mind, will there be a higher uptake in UK staycations and road trips in the summer of 2021?

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful road trips and some trips make it hard to believe that you are still in the UK! Some of the highest rated include, Scotland’s North Coast 500, The Atlantic highway, the lake district and many more! So, what’s the best cars to get you there? And what do we look for in the top cars for road trips?

1. Maxda MX5

Best cars for UK Roadtrip

Travelling solo or in a couple? A small sport car could be perfect for your road trip and the Mazda MX5 could be the right car for you! It is a cheap but rewarding sports car which is surprisingly much more spacious than you would think it is. Its fuel economy is surprisingly good for a small car and it’s a comfortable drive with a small amount of luggage.

2. Volkswagen California

Best cars for UK Roadtrip

The perfect campervan for your road trip if you want to save money on accommodation or planning a long trip. It’s not classed as a car per say but if you want to experience the great outdoors in more luxury than the tent you’ve had in the loft for 10 years then the Volkswagen California is perfect for you! It has enough room for a family of four and all your belongings. It has some great inside features to make life that little easier such as the pop-up roof, seat storage, built in fridge and pull-out blinds.

3. BMW 5 series

Best cars for UK Roadtrip

Not every aspect of your road trip will be exciting and there could be some long stints on UK motorways so make sure you drive in comfort and style. Our top pick is the BMW 5 series. It comes with some really impressive tech and the 520d Efficient Dynamics which claims a colossal range of 982 miles! BMWs are well known for being one of the most comfortable cars to drive and reliability wont often leave you stranded on the road.

4. Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S may be one of our more expensive cars on the list, but it certainly packs a punch. Going for a long drive in an electric vehicle used to be a pipe dream for electric enthusiasts. However, the Model S makes that a reality. The Model S was built for speed and range and also has automatic driving modes and an infotainment touchscreen that resembles the size of an iPad!

5. Renault Megane

The Renault Megan is so perfect for road trips it even comes with its own road trip mode!  The Renault Megane is clever, good looking and beats any ordinary family car. The Megane handles really well on both city roads and country roads, making it perfect for long road trips. Its suitable for all the family and enough luggage for a week-long trip.

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