Pharmaceutical Distribution: What Is It?

Pharmaceutical Distribution: What Is It?

Our COVID-19 Products – The process of distributing medicine is a tough job for many as it involves quick turn around times and a secure distribution strategy. This is because there are vast volumes of medication both prescription and non-prescription being moved throughout the world that all need to be in the correct places. This, therefore, means there are several parties involved to ensure that this runs smoothly. In this article, we will be looking into what is involved in the process of pharmaceutical distribution.

Pharmaceutical Distributors

Our COVID-19 Products – When looking into the process of distributing medication it is important to note that distributors are not responsible for the creation of the medication. They are directly in contact with the pharmaceutical companies and are the first point of call when it comes to pharmaceutical distribution. They are responsible for buying the medication and placing them onto the market. These act as the first port of call for wholesalers and retailers that are looking to purchase the medicines in bulk.

This is the case for both prescription and non-prescription medication as they are then distributed to the relevant places.

A Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

The job of a pharmaceutical wholesaler is to purchase the items in bulk and sell them at a profit. This is often where smaller independent retailers go in order to gain access to non-prescription medications such as paracetamol and other pain killers. This streamlines the process and ensures that medication can be sold ion both chemists and supermarkets to those that need it. This is a simple yet effective solution for distributing medication and enables them to be accessed quickly.

The Selling Process

In addition to this, the distribution process allows for retailers to buy and sell non-prescription drugs in supermarkets. This allows those that need it access to these at an affordable price. This is, therefore, allowing chemist to make a profit on prescription medication as well as having access to a reliable source of medication to ensure that stocks are replenished in order to accommodate prescriptions. This is crucial as those requiring medicine often need them in a quick turnaround time, therefore having a reliable source of medication is needed in order to provide the customer with what they need as quickly as possible. 

How Can This Affect The Customer?

Though this is a very simple distribution method, this is by far one of the most important. Therefore, every cog in the machine has to work efficiently. Should a delivery be delayed, this could mean that some people are without prescriptions. This, therefore, means that there is around the clock production as well as a number of delivery services helping to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible. This, therefore, ensures that tablets are delivered on time and the distribution process works smoothly with deliveries arriving at the correct place on time as well as in the correct quantities. 

With this in mind, pharmaceutical distribution I much more than the buying and selling of medication as there is also the issue of production and packaging of the medications that are being purchased. There is then the implementation of a strategy to ensure that this is as successful as possible.

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