Planning a Family Road Trip in the UK with Children

With holidays abroad being risky and questionable for a second summer, this seems like the perfect time to take that road trip across the UK and explore this island you call home. Here is a short guide to get you on the right path towards planning that perfect getaway with the family this summer.

Places to Visit

UK Holiday Ideas

There are countless stunning places to visit in the UK, many you won’t even believe are actually in this country! Firstly, you need to decide what kind of places you want to include. From buzzing city life and historical sites to beach breaks and quaint countryside, the choice is yours. Even better, you could go for a mix of it all. There is bound to be something that everyone will enjoy.

Try and incorporate some of your children’s favourite things: if they’re football mad, book to watch a match; if they’re dinosaur crazy, there’s a theme park; if they love animals, there is sure to be a petting zoo or farm somewhere along the road! Getting them out in the fresh air, being active and exploring new places is a healthy and exciting way to spend an unforgettable summer.

Whilst on the Road

UK Holiday Ideas
Parents Taking Children On Trip In Open Top Car

True to the nature of a road trip, you may end up spending some longer periods in the car. But not to worry, if you haven’t already tired them out enough so that they sleep through all the longer journeys, there are so many ways to entertain and amuse them. Mix up I-spy with car spotting competitions, stick on a movie, you could even bring some games like Connect Four or a pack of cards to play Snap. Having lots of options to hand will ensure you won’t have any entertainment troubles.


Timings are a big one when travelling with children. Taking the longer journeys late at night or early in the morning should increase the chances of them sleeping through. Making sure you arrive somewhere for mealtimes is also a factor to consider. When they get hungry, they get irritable, and you do not want that! Setting yourself a daily car time limit whilst planning your route is a great way to make sure you stop off regularly. Stay a few nights in each location if you have the time!

The Right Car

UK Holiday Ideas

You need the space to accommodate your entire family’s life for however long you plan to be on the road. And of the course the dog is coming, right? Having a car big enough to comfortably seat everyone for long periods of time is essential, as is the air con and a reliable sound system. On top of this, make sure you have the correct and best car insurance in case of any mishaps. Instead of trawling through insurance companies yourself, compare car insurance quickly and easily online via This saves you time and money by having over 110 providers all in one place. You can then pick the deal that is right for you and your family, knowing it is unbiased and secure.

By following this guide, you’re sure to set yourself up for an exciting and fun packed summer road trip that everyone will enjoy.

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