Home Kitchen essentials!


Home Kitchen essentials – With more hours spent in the kitchen than ever before, now is the time to rediscover the joys of home-cooking with the number one bestselling Whatever Pan by Jean Patrique™, the essential professional piece of cookware, notorious for making healthy and delicious restaurant-style cuisine at home.

Home Kitchen essentials

Crafted by the expert team at Jean Patrique™, the cookware professionals with over 20 years’ experience, the Whatever Pan is backed by renowned chefs worldwide and has fast become a staple in leading hotel and restaurant kitchens, as well as in many homes. Providing the perfect cooking solution for home chefs of all abilities due to its versatility, this affordable kitchen favourite will sear, grill, roast, fry and bake your meals to perfection. Its griddle lines and deep ridges help to lock in flavour and allow fat to flow off meats, as well as reducing oil usage as a result of its non-stick, non-toxic surface, making it the ultimate healthy cookware essential. What’s more, the Whatever Pan features a bonded steel base that heats up quickly and evenly, increasing the taste, quality and speed of your meals, and is also equipped with a heatproof glass lid, so you can keep an eye on your curries, stews and sauces whilst they simmer away.

Home Kitchen essentials

Compatible with all hobs including gas, induction, ceramic, electric and Aga, the Whatever Pan can be used in any kitchen and is oven proof, allowing you to conveniently switch between the two without the hassle of having to use additional pans. Its 4.5cm sides also minimises splashes on to kitchen and oven surfaces, so you can spend more time enjoying your meals with your family and less time cleaning up.

Built to stand the test of time with a 25 year warranty, this high-quality pan has the added benefit of being screwless, so you can wave goodbye to wobbly handles for good and easily transfer it from stove to oven or counter. Due to its cast aluminium base, the Whatever Pan can also withstand high temperatures up to 250°C and is anticorrosive, meaning it will remain rust free from the first time it is used. Cleaning is also quick and easy, just a few seconds under warm, soapy water and the pan is as good as new.

Home Kitchen essentials
Chopaholic Knife Collection

Other Home Kitchen essentials – In addition to the Whatever Pan, the Jean Patrique™ range features an array of innovative, premium cookware at accessible prices including the latest Stonetastic Pan Set, the popular Chopaholic Knife Collection, the Thawtful Defrosting tray and essential Bamboo chopping boards to name but a few. Further helping you to release your cooking potential, the Jean Patrique™ website contains a bank of ever-evolving tasty recipes, so you can recreate family staples and restaurant favourites, whilst isolating in the comfort of your own home, turning even the easiest mid-week meal into a culinary delight.

Having sold out on five separate occasions in 2019 and with thousands of rave reviews on reliable platforms such as Amazon and Trust Pilot, it is clear to see why the Whatever Pan has become the nation’s favourite and the go-to kitchen utensil loved by everyone, from home cooks to professional chefs.

As we continue our time in lockdown, cooking healthy and nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones has never been more important. So, get ready to transform your mealtimes and fire up your taste buds with the Whatever Pan, the number one best-selling griddle pan in the UK.

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