Online Tyre Buying – 5 Tips You Must Know

No matter where you live in the UK, from the tiniest remote village to the bustling metropolis that is London, online shopping has become just another accepted part of life. And this even extends to things like car parts and tyres.

Here are five tips you must know about online tyre buying.

Check Your Specs

Before you click ‘purchase’ make sure that you are getting the right tyres for your make and model of car. This is not as daunting as it sounds as long as you know the year, make and model of your car, have the owners’ manual to hand, or have an internet connection! Finding which tyres are best for your car is a snip, and often, your online purchasing sites. You can also explore Elite Direct to get tyres in London today. The garage  will guide you through the whole process, encouraging you to pick your specific vehicle before you move to the next stage.

online tyre buying

Buy Tyres in Twos

Always buy tyres in sets of at least two, but preferably four. Five is also an option if you like having a new spare tyre ready to use when needed. But always a minimum of two tyres at a time. This is because the tyres on each axle (so, the back pair or the front pair) must be as close to one another as possible so they turn well on the axle, moving with synchronicity rather than being uneven (even to the tiniest fraction of a degree) which can cause unevenness, excess wear and tear, and even overt damage. Therefore, while it is best to change all four tyres at the same time, you can economise by buying them in sets of two – but do not be tempted to economise any further, even if the tyre sales website allows you to!

Know Your Code

Did you know that your tyres come with all the information you would need about them embossed onto the sidewall? The easiest way to find out what tyres are best for your car is to check out this code and choose replacements that match the specifications of your existing tyres. The long alphanumeric code details the width of your tyres, the height of the sidewall, whether the tyres are good for mud or ice, where they lie on an environmentally friendly scale, how much weight they can carry and what speed they can manage, as well as the week and year of manufacture, among other things. Tap that code into the relevant section of your online tyre buying vendor’s search bar and watch as the screen populates with a host of choices for you!

online tyre buying

‘Tis the Season

Be mindful of what season it is when you are buying your new tyres. Winter tyres work best at temperatures below 7°C, so if winter is on its way and threatening to be cold for months on end, fitting winter tyres will keep you safe and sound for longer. You can easily check the online tyre buying auto repair garage pages for all the choices on offer and click your choice of summer; all-weather or winter tyre.

What’s Your Budget?

Finally, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and this is certainly true of rents, groceries and more. But tyres, purchased online, have no need to be excessively pricy, so you can choose between premium, budget and regular tyres with confidence. You can shop around, decide on the right tyres to meet your needs, and then fix your budget before committing to the purchase.

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