As Zero Waste Week Begins, Splosh calls for leadership from Government in supporting businesses that reduce plastic waste

To coincide with Zero Waste Week, the innovative Welsh home-cleaning product start-up, Splosh, calls for the UK Government to show leadership and give zero plastic waste businesses a VAT holiday.


Splosh reported a sales increase during lockdown of 80%, revealing a newfound interest by consumers to refill rather than to throw away empty plastic bottles. The founder of Splosh is now urging the UK to continue to see refilling as the ‘new normal’ in the hope that households can continue to reduce plastic waste. 

Splosh is ahead in the re-fill market due to its innovative products that come as concentrate with customers simply having to mix with tap water.  The range of traditional products, from washing up liquids to shower gels, are conveniently delivered through letterboxes and the refill pouches can be returned, free of charge and are then recycled into new products.

This ‘closed loop’ approach enables Splosh to not only offer value for money but also save hundreds of thousands of bottles.  The business has currently saved almost 890,000 from the bin over two years.


Founder, Angus Grahame, says: “The lockdown has caused a step change in behaviour – everyone is much more used to shopping online for their home essentials, like laundry detergent and hand wash. This will take refilling into the mainstream as it’s both perfectly suited to selling home essentials online and the best way of effectively tackling plastic waste. The Government should take the lead and support refilling with a VAT holiday on zero plastic waste businesses.”

Among several firsts, Splosh has developed the world’s first refillable toilet bowl cleaner and the first shower gel from refillable concentrate.  Splosh has also gone one step further in their drive to save 1 billion bottles from bins by hijacking competitors’ bottles in a bid to cut waste plastic to zero.  Customers simply rinse out an old hand wash bottle, stick the Splosh label on and follow the instructions, filling up with a Splosh refill pouch and then adding water.

All Splosh products are environmentally friendly and are gentle on the earth and the skin too. 

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