Most Popular Takeaway Food Packaging

Whether you’re new to the takeaway industry, are short of storage space or are looking to offer more eco-friendly takeaway food packaging, there are so many different products to choose from. Depending on the nature of your business, having the right kind of packaging can help speed up your processes and help you serve up the perfect each and every time.

From fully loaded burgers and sticky chicken wings to noodles in broth and crunchy side salads, here are the most effective types of food packaging which make a great option whatever the cuisine you are offering!

Multi-use paper cups

Food packaging

Transporting drinks from your base to your customers can be one of the trickiest parts, trying to avoid any leaking or messy spillages. You can choose takeaway paper cups in a variety of different sizes to suit the nature of your offerings and buy the lids of your choice to match. The classic corrugated coffee cup is perfect for retaining heat and can be paired with a sip through lid that is both easy to transport and safer for the customer. For cold drinks or milkshakes, a transparent cup with a domed lid creates a classic aesthetic that goes down a treat with customers and shows off the colours of the delicious drink within.

One size fits all!

There is always a use for the classic deli pot, an absolute must have for the majority of businesses offering food takeaway. The medium size is ideal for a wide variety of side dishes and starters so you can portion up smaller dishes without having to lose profits filling larger boxes. Ideal for pastas, side salads, potatoes, fresh fruit and more, keeping deli pots on hand will make packaging up your orders easier than ever before.

Branded pizza boxes

Food packaging

Offering pizza leaves you with little to no alternatives than traditional pizza boxes! If you require classic pizza boxes then we recommend making the most of the large surface area by adding your logo or brand name. The noticeable nature of cardboard pizza boxes can work as a great promotional tool both in your establishment or out and about. As well as pizzas, your pizza boxes can be used for flat breads, garlic breads or even sharing platters and grazing boxes.

Mini sauce pots

As well as your main dishes, it can be easy to forget about the additional extras. Small sauce and portion pots are ideal for serving up small sauces, dips or accompaniments so your takeaway customers don’t have to go without. Sending out a complimentary pot of your special sauce recipe or condiments to suit your customers’ meals can go a long way and enhance the delicious meal.

Extra touches

Food packaging

Especially for walk in customers who are planning on grabbing a meal on the go, offering simple wooden cutlery and paper napkins can enhance the experience. Looking into personalisation options where possible can make all of the difference and create a professional aesthetic that your customers will love, creating a dining experience to remember.

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