keep your pets cool – 13 tips and tricks

With summer in full swing and the sunseekers ready to enjoy some well-deserved hotter and happier weather, we often forget how important it is to protect our pets in the heat.

Keep your pets cool – In a report issued by PETA, it detailed that since 2019, 57 animals endured heat-related deaths and counting. Of those reported, a further 126 animals were rescued from heat-related incidents.

Following this information,  OnBuy Pets Department has provided the most effective tips and tricks to keep your pets cool, hydrated and protected during the summer heat.

13 tips and tricks:

  1. Only walk your dog during cooler parts of the day – in the early morning and late evening
  2. Always check the pavement before you set off on your walk, if the pavement is too hot for your hand then it is too hot for their paws and will burn their paw pads
  3. If your pet shows signs of overheating; loss of energy and heavy panting, find a shady spot and give them some water
  4. Paler coloured animals are more vulnerable to sunburn, particular on their noses and areas – prevent walking between 11am and 3pm, alternatively apply a non-toxic waterproof sunblock or even pop a t-shirt on your pet to protect their vulnerable areas
  5. Make sure your pet has constant access to clean water at all times throughout the day
  6. Add ice cubes to your pet’s water when you feel the temperature getting hotter
  7. As bizarre as it sounds – freeze some of their favourite nibbles to make cooling treats
  8. Get your pet a haircut to ensure they are kept cool
  9. Maybe invest in a pet sun bed for your fluffier pets to stay cool, the raised ones are more effective as it provides added ventilation
  10. If possible, set up a paddling pool for your pet
  11. Leave out a damp towel in the shade for your pet to lie on
  12. Be aware that playing and running around with your pet in the heat will cause their temperature to rise – especially with older animals, short-nosed dogs and animals that are overweight
  13. Try and avoid travelling in your car with your pet when it’s too hot – if need be, stop for regular water breaks and keep them hydrated
keep your pets cool

Keep your pets cool – Why is it important to protect your pet from the sun?

Keep your pets cool – A large percentage of these heat-related deaths and incidents have taken place inside a hot vehicle. Various researchers have demonstrated how quickly the temperature can change in a parked car over a small period of time.

When it comes to sunbathing, of course our pets love lounging in the sun just like their owners, but it’s important to remember that too much or excessive sun exposure can be very damaging.

With the weather expected to only get hotter over the next few weeks, it’s important to take these extra few measures to ensure your furry friends remain happy, healthy and hydrated. We hope that this expertise provided by OnBuy Pets Department is of interest

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