Top Tips for Running a Client Event

Organising a major corporate or private event can be a nerve-wracking affair for the uninitiated. Experienced events planner Emily Christopher from London-based iconic events company…


Whilst it’s important to look and feel your best when heading to your favourite festival, durability is key when you are exposed to the outdoors all day and all evening. Whether you are a glamper, camper or one day tripper, we have compiled our favourite essential items that every festival goer needs in their bag or prep routine to stay feeling fresh and protected for as long as the night goes on! From anti-perspirant to lashes, we have covered convenience, longwear and glamour leaving no room for any festival failures.

Kid’s Stuff for Easter

There are way too many exciting things out there for kids these days from books and toys to technology and adventure with everything else in between, so we’ve put together a little list of some of our faves for this Easter, that mum’s and dad’s may just approve of too as there’s no chocolate involved.

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