Finding Out if Locum Tenens is Right for You

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For those with the willpower and fortitude to make it as a physician and stake their claim in the health sector, there are plenty of opportunities to experience breakout success. That said, there is something oddly static about a physician’s career, especially for those that will end up spending most of their careers in the same place.

While some might be content with building their careers slowly but surely as a physician, others might want more out of their practice. In such cases, there are some surprising alternatives, such as locum tenens. Here are a few ways to find out if locum tenens is the right choice for you.

If you want to get as much experience with your practice as possible

Going for a traditional career means climbing the career ladder as a physician slowly, but surely. In the case of locum tenens, it is about a physician recruiter placing you in areas where you are needed the most. Considering that the amount of time spent in a location can vary wildly depending on the assignment, you have the opportunity to build experience in ways that a traditional career cannot provide.

One of the biggest advantages is that it can paint a very impressive picture of yourself on your resume. With enough experience in locum tenens assignments, most facilities would be happy to have you. It’s a great way to start a career.

If you’re looking to earn as much as possible

While being a physician typically offers plenty of financial stability, most people who become physicians have issues with their student loans. If you want to deal with the issue as early as possible and pay off the student loans in a short amount of time, locum tenens might just be the fit for you.

After all, there are some assignments where you are brought to remote locations for your practice. While it comes with plenty of challenges, it also comes with extra pay. Those who are willing to take on more responsibilities in locum tenens are adequately compensated for their efforts, which is more than what can be said with many other career alternatives.

If you’re tired of the paperwork

While the responsibilities tied to being a physician tend to already be overwhelming, that does not include the administrative side of things. Locum tenens involves filling in for another physician, which means there is no need to deal with paperwork outside of the initial documentation. It means work during your shift involves actual work with no need to worry about administrative work. It might come as a surprise how much free time that can provide a locum tenens physician!

Another reason to go for locum tenens is if you feel like things are stagnant where you are. In some ways, it is similar to becoming a private physician, only your clients are healthcare facilities. No matter your reasons for trying locum tenens, it will undoubtedly be a crucial learning experience that can help breathe some life into any physician’s career.


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