Brand New Adventure Wood At North Yorkshire Water Park

Do you live for adventure with the kids, and are you always looking for somewhere new to visit? Look no further than the brand-new Adventure Wood at North Yorkshire Water Park.

Just opened, the Adventure Wood offers plenty of exciting activities to do as a family, with friends or for a special occasion like a birthday party. This new activity centre in the heart of the North Yorkshire Water Park is jam-packed with adventure.

Adventure Wood

We sent our writer, Rachel McAlley with her daughter and friends to enjoy the thrill of this new outdoor adventure fun activity site. How did she do?

I arrived at North Yorkshire Water Park ready to have fun and learn new skills. However, before I talk about what we did, let’s give you a little insight as to what you can do whilst at the Adventure Wood.

What can you do at Adventure Wood?

There are four activities to choose from including Archery, Bushcraft, Axe Throwing, and Low Ropes. All activities are overseen by a member of the trained team at North Yorkshire Water Park. Before doing anything within Adventure Wood each person has a safety briefing from one of the staff.


You will be given the chance to master the ancient art of archery by taking on the targets and aiming for the bullseye. There are games to play and competitions to take part in whilst doing archery for an hour.

Archery Bow & Arrow


Learn how to build and light a fire with only the help of the natural environment around you and a little guidance from an expert staff member. There are also crafting exercises and fun stuff to make and do within the bushcraft area. You may even build a hut made from sticks!

Adventure Wood Bushcraft

Axe Throwing

Great fun, but also quite a difficult task to get the axe into the bullseye, however once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll get the bully every time! You don’t need to be strong to throw, you just need good focus and a great technique. The instructors are always on hand to help. Games, competitions and fun will be had in this hour-long activity.

Adventure Wood Axe Throwing

Low Ropes

One for the kids, team-building, or just for fun! The low ropes agility course is set amidst the woodland surroundings. The perfect fun course for anyone, which includes balance beams, tightrope walks, cargo net challenges, and more. It will test your balance, co-ordination, and problem-solving skills.

Brand New Adventure Wood At North Yorkshire Water Park


We started on the Archery course, and had fun learning how to hold the bow correctly and shoot the arrow. I felt like I could be in Robin Hood’s band of merry men (and women)! It took a while to feel comfortable with the bow, as it had to be positioned perfectly to align with the range. Once I had mastered the technique I hit the target every time. I’m not saying that I hit the bullseye but I did try! The kids grasped it early on, but the adults somehow manged to catch-up and in the end we all thought we were great at archery.

Axe Throwing

Moving across the wood to the Axe Throwing boards, I personally found this extremely difficult. I had to relax my wrist whilst holding the axe and before throwing it, but I couldn’t and missed the board almost every time. Equally, the kids and other adults got the gist around halfway through and were quite good at throwing. I successfully got my axe in the board a couple of times, and you’d think I’d won gold at the Olympics with my reaction. Everyone else did considerably better than me at this sport.

Low Ropes

Only the kids took part in the Low Ropes activities and they loved it. Firstly, they walked the site with a member of the staff, and were given helmets to wear. Secondly, they got on the low ropes and enjoyed every single minute of the course. Jumping from see-saw to rope, then onto swings, weighted balls, rope walking, climbing and balance beams kept them busy for 45-minutes.

All-in-all we had a fantastic 3-hours at the brand-new Adventure Wood at North Yorkshire Water Park. Moreover, see website for pricing, opening hours, ways to book, and more details about this new outdoor activity centre.

Brand New Adventure Wood At North Yorkshire Water Park – Words by Rachel McAlley

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