A New Year Resolution to Read More Books

Being more sustainable isn't difficult with Bookswap. Did you get lots of new and exciting books for Christmas, and have you read them already? Are you looking for some new books to get stuck into this winter season, especially now we are in lockdown?

Why not utilise Bookswap, a new and innovative award-winning start up from Estonia. Bookswap is a sustainable way to share books with like-minded readers, and an easy way to refill your bookshelf. It’s also very cost-effective!

Book Swap

Billions of trees are cut down globally each year, and there are many books across the UK and Europe sat gathering dust in people’s homes. In spite of this, by swapping books through Bookswap you can enjoy reading without creating further copies having to be re-printed.

There’s a simple way to use Bookswap. Once you have finished a book, upload it to the website, and someone will then choose your book. Following this, you will then receive a ‘credit point’ to choose a book that you would like to read.

Peter Kruusvall, Founder of Bookswap says: “Swapping books, rather than buying new ones frees up space on bookshelves. It is cost-effective, and is of course a more sustainable approach as you are giving your books a second life.

Research* shows that re-using books is the most effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of the publishing industry. If every British reader opts to swap just one book a year in lieu of buying, an impressive 43 thousand tons of carbon dioxide would be contained.”

Book Swap

From a cost perspective it’s only £1.19 swapping fee per swap (if you have a credit point) plus the package delivery of £2.39, meaning a total cost of £3.58. In fact, this is an excellent price in order to keep on swapping and reading new books!

Finally, visit Bookswap for more info, to sign up, and to start swapping your books with others today. This is the perfect way to fulfil a new year resolution to read more books.

* Research

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