Baby Shoes: A shoe truly designed for babies’ feet

Like many stories of innovation, the Bobux story starts with two people who had a problem and wanted to find a solution. Back in the early 1990s, Bobux Founders Chris and Colleen Bennett, were searching for shoes for their baby daughter Chloe. Like many parents, Chris and Colleen wanted the best for their baby girl, but as they searched, they realised that nobody was making a shoe truly designed for babies’ feet.

For almost 30 years we’ve been making the world’s best shoes for little explorers, walking with them as they plant their feet upon the world. From the earliest adventures to world leaders in comfort and protection.

So, Chris took to the garage, armed with leather and suede and created the world’s first pair of soft soles. Chris took his invention to the Victoria Park Markets in Auckland and quickly found a huge demand, parent’s just like them had been searching for something just like the soft sole. In 1991, Bobux was born, founded on an idea of making shoes that support natural movement for growing feet. From one shoe came a wave of innovation and adventure, but it all started with the Original Bobux Soft Sole.

Today, Bobux makes hundreds of different shoes for every stage of growth that our little ones go through. As they learn to crawl, to walk, to run, to dance, to play and to explore, Bobux shoes are with them through every adventure. We never forgot what we learned from that very first pair of soft soles, that shoes designed for children’s feet need to be comfortable, functional and fun, designed from the sole up for kids to love the world over.

For babies they have a lovely new collection of Soft Soles. Kiwi brand, Bobux leather Soft Sole shoe would make a gorgeous gift for a baby – see their full collection here. Priced £22-£24 and available in small (3-9m), medium (9-15m), large (15-27m) and XL (2yrs).

For the toddler they have some really gorgeous water-proof boots (the Paddington) and winter boots all lined with warm, breathable merino and some have a lovely lambswool collar (Desert Arctic, Timber Arctic, Tahoe Arctic, Whistler Arctic).

They have four feature collections for AW20, along with a few other styles:

Waterproof Collection – Paddington Boot, Waterproof Grass Court
Trainer Edit Preppy – Ryder, Marvel
– Leather Lined Boots – Belle, Timber, Jodhpur, Desert
– Heritage Winter Collection – Jodhpur, Delight, Louise, Port

Plus – Fleece Lined Boots – Aspen Arctic, Desert Arctic, Whistler Arctic, Tahoe Arctic
Plus Other styles – Boston, Boston Hi Tops, Dimension II, Grass Court
Plus – Soft Soles

You’ll find more info on each collection on their website along with imagery and videos https://www.bobux.co.uk/new-season

Review by Ashley Conboy

With winter now here, an 18month girl who loves nothing more than great outdoor adventures and comfort and a Mum who wants stylish, practical and durable fashion, winter boots can be a headache. So, when we discovered Bobux boots which are made in comfy soft leather and are podiatrist approved, both mines and Lucys boxes were ticked!

I chose the Jodphur boots in rose gold for Lucy, confident that the heritage boot would deliver comfort and practicality whilst the shimmering rose gold finish makes them perfect for being stylish and timeless.

Baby Shoes

When they arrived, we had a quick try on to check they fit, and Lucy gave a proud fashion show around the house of her new boots. Imagine my delight the next morning once dressed when Lucy went into her wardrobe and brought the boots to our dressing room whilst attempting to put them on!

When I asked her if she wanted to wear her new boots a grin and nod of the head made getting dressed and out the door so much easier! The elastic gusset and zip closure ensured comfort and a secure fit all day, with Lucy pointing out her new boots to anyone who would look. Despite a full day on the go as a toddler, the boots remained in pristine condition, resulting in one happy Mum and one happy girl! 

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