A Shoe That Is Capable Of Transcending Time


TANK is the union of the past, present and future; a shoe that is capable of transcending time as well as aesthetic trends.

TANK Steiger was founded in Geneva in 1932 by Walter Steiger senior, making made-to-measure shoes for men and women. His eldest son, also Walter Steiger, started the ready-to-wear line in 1967, during the Parisian Haute Couture’s golden era.  In 1974 the first shop was opened in Paris, followed by stores in New York and London.  The Maison’s style became famous for the originality and innovation of his creations – always characterized by cleanliness of the lines and proportions – and since has become a permanent and recognizable name in the fashion and art world. In 2019 Maison Steiger begins its third generation and newest chapter under the direction and vision of Laura Steiger, continuing the family tradition set forth by her father and grandfather before her:

A Shoe That Is Capable Of Transcending Time

“I remember entering my father’s studio as a child always stirred my emotions. He was always traveling around the world, so when he was at home, I loved seeing him at work, standing at the drawing board with a pencil at the ready. At those moments, even though I was only a child, I knew he was not to be disturbed, because I had a sense that something wonderful was taking place. When my father finally told me he wanted to stop, enjoy his life and his family and close the Walter Steiger brand for good, I realized that I wanted to continue our journey; I wanted to keep our vision alive. When I started to work on my first shoe, I immediately felt like I was back in my father’s studio, feeling a serenity that I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was as if everything up to that time had conspired to take me where I had to be.’ Laura Steiger 


TANK refuses to follow the frenetic pace of fast-fashion and inexhaustible consumerism. The mono-design of its sole transcends trends and ensures a certain spectrum of creativity, a rhythm of creation that is more respectful of the way we should consume today. TANK is a shoe that stands the test of time and fashion cycles. The manufacture and design is based on the power of longevity and universality. TANK doesn’t want to take part in the oversaturated fashion offer and advertising mass but wants to build a straight-forward and innovating line.

A Shoe That Is Capable Of Transcending Time


Taking life in their stride: the forward march of TANK Steiger is dedicated to ‘power women’ and seeks to showcase how far female strength in fashion has moved two generations on emphasizing the ‘power woman’ concept.  One step is all it takes to start a revolution. 


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