Make Your Home Feel Bigger Without Major Upgrades

Finding ways to make the home feel bigger and better is a goal shared by millions of homeowners. After all, many homebuyers now have to settle for smaller spaces than they’d ideally like. Alternatively, it may be needed to cope with the growing size of your family.

Whatever the reason for wanting to make your home feel more spacious might be, the following tips will lead you to success. Let’s get started.


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First and foremost, you should look to declutter the property. Unnecessary items are clogging up space and impacting the vibe. Clearing the space of unwanted goods can be further supported by smarter furniture choices. Losing bulky units for wall-mounted products or seats with visible legs can make rooms feel larger.

Keeping rooms clean also aids your family’s health. When added to the fact that it helps you understand what space is available, it is the perfect starting point.

Focus On Difficult Spaces

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When your rooms don’t conform to simple square or rectangle shapes, it can cause issues. Failing to use the space well can seem to cut off the room. Adding bay window shutters, for example, will make rooms feel larger and more stylish. Similarly, using made to measure wardrobes or shelving for alcoves can have a positive influence.

The harsh reality is that nothing else you do will achieve the desired results if you leave this issue untreated. Now is the time to consciously change your approach.

Combine Internal & External Spaces

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If you are blessed with a garden, making the most of it will naturally make a huge difference. Adding a deck or a hot tub can help you unlock new capabilities. For the best results, though, you should consider the addition of sliding doors. Once open, it makes the living spaces and garden feel like a large space.

Better still, the ability to embrace more natural light into the home is sure to make living spaces feel bigger. Skylights are another option that can yield big results.

Repurpose A Space

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Guest rooms and garages commonly get underlooked by homeowners. If you have allowed yours to become glorified storage spaces, now is the time to change this once and for all. This could mean turning the garage into a workshop or gym. Alternatively, your spare bedroom could become an office area.

Either way, you should note that the upgrades allow you to do more with your home. If that doesn’t promote a more spacious atmosphere, nothing will.

Embrace Colour

Colour schemes are the first thing you are likely to notice about any living space. The influence on your mood as well as the perception of space should not be ignored. Lighter colours make the room look bigger, especially when combined with light and the use of mirrors. Bold colours can add real personality to the living spaces too.

The sooner you appreciate the value of colour, the better. It enables you to focus on creating a consistent look throughout the home. And the results can last a lifetime.

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