Relax Your Body and Mind Before Sleep

Ideas to relax your body and mind before going to bed. Learn to relax and calm yourself through self-care and include some of your favourite oils, candles and books.

Is there anything better than when you have a great night’s sleep? You wake up feeling fresh, you’re less tired and grumpy, and best of all you appreciate the day ahead.

We think that the build up to having a great night’s sleep is the defining factor as to whether you will sleep well or not. Everyone knows that blue light from a mobile, tablet or laptop is bad before bed, we also know that eating before bed isn’t ideal, and having a strong coffee is definitely not going to aid sleeping. So what can you do to relax your body and mind before sleep?

The good news is that there are lots of options to help guide you in the right direction for a great sleep. Let’s start with the obvious one, a warm bath complete with soothing music and a burning candle.


Set the scene; draw a bath, gently pour in some bath oil, light your favourite candle, and press play on your device with some meditation and relaxing music.

National Geographic, Paradise Bath Oil, £12, Tisserand

This tropical blend inspires positivity, provides a dose of calm and imparts a warm inner glow. Intoxicating jasmine warms your soul and inspires deep relaxation with its exotic floral aroma. Uplifting grapefruit promotes a sense of wellbeing while reducing stress with its bright citrus aroma. Delicate sunny mandarin is gently calming, soothing your mind and inspiring positivity.

Relaxation before bed
National Geographic Paradise Bath Oil

Ava May Aromas, So-Flo Linen Fresh Candle, £18 (single-wick) or £25 (double-wick), Ava May Aromas

The scent of fresh linen brings a relaxing and calming feel to any surroundings, so having this scent in a candle instantly calms. It’s fresh, clean, and sublime.

Relaxation before bed
Ava May Aromas Candle


Once out of the bath, spend some time on your body and skincare and health routine. Make sure you are still playing the relaxation music.

Kear Life, Soothing Body Balm, £46, Wolf & Badger

The unique blend of Greek arnica with extra virgin olive oil, natural beeswax and sweet almond oil, creates the absolute herbal analgesic body balm to calm even the most uptight body.

Relaxation before bed
Kear Life Soothing Body Balm

Monat, Night Haven Overnight Age Control Cream, £75, Monat Global

Not only can you feel rejuvenated, but your skin can too with this night cream. It provides rich nourishment and intense hydration overnight. When you awake the skin feels refreshed, glowing and renewed.

Relaxation before bed
Monat Night Haven Cream

Together Health, Night Time Complex, £12.99 (60 capsules = 30-day supply), Together Health

The Night Time Marine Magnesium Complex is a comforting and calming blend of 5 natural forms of magnesium to help you feel rested and restored. The capsules help to calm the nervous system, regulate your body clock and help promote a relaxed feeling.

Lola Biggs, Dietician at Together Health has added her expert advice in order to achieve a great night’s sleep. She says: “The importance of sleep for our overall wellbeing is rightly recognised, however, it isn’t just about counting the hours, but more about making the hours count. Achieving high-quality time in the land of nod plays a massive role in whether we gain the full potential of its restorative power. As a dietician, I focus on helping my clients to lull themselves into a sleep state. I recommend trying a mixture of adaptogenic herbs to de-stress and leave the days ‘to do’s’, and help redirect focus to slumber time”.

Relaxation before bed
Together Health Night Time Capsules


Take the candle into your bedroom to continue with the calming vibes. Spritz your bed with a lavender–based sleep spray, and start to read a new book. All these things can relax your body and mind before sleep.

Alteya Organics, Lavender Water, £9.45, Love Lula

This rejuvenating fragrance helps to harmonise the spirits and calms down the mind – ideal for lockdown stress. It can also aid stress relief if sprayed on your bed sheets!

Relaxation before bed
Alteya Organics Lavender Water

Life’s Not Yoga: or is it…? Finding Love in the Chaos of Life by Jacqui Burnett, £13.88, Amazon

A frank and engaging story of one woman’s life, which starts to unravel, along with the truth of her chaotic childhood! There are plenty of obstacles in her way, many near-death experiences, and a destroyed marriage in this seriously gripping memoir.

Relaxation before bed
Life’s No Yoga or is it…? by Jacqui Burnett

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