5 Reasons to Own a Yacht

A yacht is the ultimate luxury item, but they are more than just status symbols. Want to dip your toe in the water before pursuing your dream of owning one?

Here are compelling reasons why to buy and own a yacht might be the right choice for you.

Investment and income

Luxury yachts don’t come cheap. Golfer Tiger Woods purchased his 155-foot yacht, Privacy, for £15 million – gymnasium, state room, sleeps 10 guests and nine crew – but luxury yachts can easily go for northwards of £100 million.

Yet it is possible to recoup part of your investment, assuming you don’t intend to live on your yacht all year round. If your vessel is chartered to people seeking an opulent experience, then luxury yachts can attract weekly charter rates well into six figures.

Couples on honeymoon, holidaymakers who want to wake up in a new port each morning, and corporate event hires are all active markets for charters. The seas and oceans around the Cote d’Azur, the Amalfi Coast, the Greek islands, the Caribbean, and the islands of south east Asia are popular locations.

Don’t want to charter your yacht? If you look after it, it could hold its market value on resale.

Luxury and comfort

own a yacht

Yachts are sea vessels used for recreation or pleasure ­– whether for cruising, entertaining, water sports, fishing, or living on. For day-to-day living, they offer all the comforts and more that you’d expect in your home.

Luxury yachts often come equipped with upper deck spas, saunas, a fresh water pool, gymnasiums, state rooms for entertaining and business, and a ‘beach club’ at the rear of the yacht at water level for sunbathing and entertaining. And, unlike your dry land home, if you don’t like the view or the neighbours, you can always move elsewhere! Privacy and exclusivity are guaranteed.


own a yacht

Messing about on the water is a great way to bond with family and friends. It also provides an impressive base to network for business or just meet people with similar interests. Socialising on a yacht is a great way to break the ice with new people as there are so many distractions to prevent any awkward social moments.

Any kids with you won’t be bored. They can swim, mess about in dinghies, visit coastal towns and cities, discover coves and caves on uninhabited islands, predict where the weather is coming from… No two days are the same. Nothing could be further from burying their heads in an iPad or laptop.

Sense of achievement

Many of us dream of owning property and assets that will allow us to feel like we belong in the ‘jet set’ of the world. Being able to follow up an interest in yachts for sale and knowing that you can buy one if you choose engenders a feeling of achievement. That’s something to be proud of.

Stress reduction and wellness

own a yacht

According to the NHS, each year one in four adults experiences a diagnosable mental health issue. Relaxing on a yacht can offer an escape from the pressures of the office and the claustrophobia of four-walled living.

Sun on your face, a fresh breeze and gazing back at the coastline – which you’ve escaped from ­­– can all give you a feeling of release. The sea sounds and the rocking motion of the water act as a soothing psychological balm for any anxieties. Being on the water also gives you a sense of adventure, an awareness of the possibilities of life, and a necessary reminder as you look to the horizon, that there’s more to existence than wake up, go to work, rinse and repeat.

So, yes, to own a yacht is a big splashing of cash, but the emotional ROI is more than worth it.

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