Beauty tips to feel happy and confident

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a person, yet so many of us are lacking it. The good news? Confidence can be built.

Changing your mentality, your habits and even your physical appearance can all have a positive effect on the way you feel about yourself. For some ideas on how to become happier while boosting your self-confidence, here are a range of tips to help you get started.

Look at yourself in a positive light

It’s often said that we are our own worst critics. Consider the way you talk about yourself and what you say. Would you say those things about your best friend?

Try to look at yourself and your body in a positive way. Think about what you like about who you are and what you can do to celebrate your favourite features. For example, if you really like your eyes, play around with different eyeshadows to draw more attention to them.

Create a mantra or positive affirmation to keep your mind from veering towards self-doubt. If you catch yourself having judgemental thoughts or self-sabotaging, remind yourself of your mantra and redirect your thoughts to something more optimistic.

Do what makes you feel good

Just because high-waisted shorts are trending again doesn’t mean you have to wear them. If you prefer skirts or glittery nail polish, wear it! If you prefer bare nails, rock your natural look. It comes down to focusing less on the hottest new trend and more on what genuinely makes you feel beautiful.

Prioritise self-care

In today’s busy world, it’s important to care for yourself by making time to relax and unwind. Slap on a moisturising face mask and curl up with a good book or sneak in an extra hour at the salon to get a manicure. It’s amazing the difference a minor change to your appearance can make to feeling more pampered.  

Switch up your look

You may find a more dramatic change to your appearance will make you feel happier.

Chopping that neat bob into a pixie cut or getting a tummy tuck after weight loss may be something you’ve wanted to do for a while. Of course, it’s a big decision to make, but if it’ll make you feel better about yourself then it’s one possible avenue to consider.

Eat well to glow from the inside out

A healthy diet is a key factor in feeling good about yourself. Eating nutritious food is beneficial to your body, but also your skin. Try to include lots of greens, fresh fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats. The Mediterranean diet is an example of a general approach to balanced eating which promotes healthy skin by reducing intake of inflammatory foods such as dairy.

A balanced diet will also make it easier to maintain a healthy weight, which is likely to improve the way you feel about your body and yourself.

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